Voltage Coffee & Art is located at 295 3rd Street in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA.  We are open Weekdays 7-6, and we are closed on weekends.

Cafe phone: 617.714.3974

Interested in using the space for a special event?  Email events@barismo.com!

How it happened:

Lucy R. Valena received her fine art degree from Hampshire College in 2007.  One week after graduation, she boarded a train by herself with two suitcases and a manual typewriter with the intention of moving to Seattle to write a novel.  In that beautiful city filled with rain and strangers, she discovered the magic of good espresso and the creative spark it inspires in people.

In November 2008 she launched Voltage Coffee, an espresso catering service based out of Jamaica Plain, MA.  She had the pleasure of pulling shots in a variety of locations for a lot of very interesting people, but what she really longed for was a storefront, a place where she could serve you from across her own counter.  With a lot of hard work, help from several brilliant people, and just a little bit of caffeine, this dream has been realized.

Voltage Coffee & Art opened its doors in November 2010.  We are proud to be the unofficial living room of Kendall Square, fueling good conversation and synergy in the tradition of the original coffeehouses.  Our primary objective at Voltage is to keep you awake, and for that reason things are always changing to keep you on your toes.