Coffee 101

Everything you've ever wanted to know about coffee. From beans and roasting to brewing and drinking.

Gravity Brewing

Brewing 101

Covering the basics of brewing and  what you need to know about the most popular brewing methods.

Types of beans

Grinding 101

The perfect cup of coffee starts with the perfect grind. Here's what you need to know about grind sizes.

cold brew in glasses

Cold Brewing 101

Everything you need to know to brew the best cold brewed coffee. From  methods to brewing styles.

various types of coffees

Types of Coffee

A complete library; from espresso to caramel macchiato here's everything that goes into making every type of coffee you can think of.

coffee ratios

Ratios 101

Flavor depends on the balance of water to coffee ratio. Here's everything you need to know for a balanced cup.

types of brewing coffee tools

Brewing Methods

With endless ways to make coffee, we have collaborated a list of the most popular ways to make coffee including a step-by-step guide.


French Press 101

French press coffee is the most popular method of brewing full flavored coffee. Here's everything you need to know about this method. From history to brewing. 

Best French Press Coffee Makers

We've rounded up 20 of the top selling French press coffee makers to bring you our top 10 favorites.  See our extensive testing to see which press makers you can count on for hot coffee with the least amount of fines.

Best French Press for Camping

Whether you're camping in Yosemite, the Ozarks, Adirondacks, or your favorite local camping spot, here's the presses we liked best when testing several presses marketed for camping.

Best Travel French Presses

Featuring our favorite French presses for the person on the go. We consider the ideal products for camping and everyday office use.

Nathan Crane

Newspapers love to kick around the question of whether drinking coffee is good for you or not. It’s something that hits close to home, and the combined complexity of the human body and coffee means that there’s going to be good points in both directions. Everybody loves a good debate to go with a good cup of joe. In 2016, though, an interesting article came across from Harvard Health blog

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making your best cup

For coffee lovers looking to get more out of their morning cup. We've archived some of our most helpful guides to expanding your love for coffee. Featuring the basics of buying good coffee, how to brew with various types of coffee makers, endless types of coffee, to sharing the love of coffee with friends and family with our best coffee gifts guide. 

BESTTRADER JOE’SCOFFEE FORCold & Hot BrewTrader Joe’s offers a wide variety of whole-bean coffees fit for pourover, drip, French press, and cold

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Endless Types of Coffee

Sick of making or ordering the same ol' type of coffee? Here's some inspiration and recipes for making 40 different styles of coffee at home.  

Top Brewing Methods - 20 Ways to Make Coffee 

These are the most popular devices to use for brewing coffee. If you're tired of the same old drip coffee - you'll love exploring the wide world of coffee brewing devices.


Buying Coffee Beans

Great coffee starts with good beans. We've put together an article that explains everything you need to know about purchasing quality beans.

Roasting Coffee Beans

Maybe roasting coffee isn't something you're planning to do this weekend, but it's great to understand what goes into creating a roast you'll enjoy most.

Capresso Grinder: Best for the Money

The Capresso is a mid-priced burr grinder designed to provide a fairly constant grind. We own one mostly because it's hard to walk away from value. 

Latest Coffee Talk