Making Long Black Coffee

Long Black Coffee

Often thought of as the Aussie version of an americano, the long black coffee is usually a much more sophisticated drink than its larger American cousin. Most coffee bars in Australia exclusively serve espresso-based drinks and don’t make filter-brewed coffee at all. Australian baristas offer long black coffee to satisfy the occasional …

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Guide to Turkish Coffee


Classic Turkish coffee is still being made in the Balkans – for example, in Serbia, Greece, and the Middle East. Turkey imports as much as 220,000 tons of tea a year, and only 9,000 tons of coffee. Survey results show that most people think that tea, not coffee, is a reflection of …

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Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is available in various combinations: With dehydrated milk, With sugar, Without milk and no sugar With various aromas. History of instant coffee Instant coffee was discovered in 1906 by the chemist George C. Washington, an Englishman who lived in Guatemala. A well-known coffee lover spotted a powdery precipitate in his …

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Immersion Brewing 101 – From French Press, Areopress & Siphon


By now you’ve noticed how popular immersion coffee has become. But did you know that it’s not new? It happens to be the oldest method for making coffee that predates modern methods for drip filter coffee by 200 years. But times are changing in our digital world and what was old is …

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