How to Make Coffee with the Abid Clever

Man fitting Abid Clever dripper on cup

How Does The Abid Clever Coffee Dripper Work?

The Clever coffee dripper is actually an advanced method of full immersion brewing that has a couple perks above the average pour-over method. The first advantage to this dripper is a drainage system that’s built into the dripper itself. You can add hot water into the brewing vessel for a couple of minutes without placing this over the top of a coffee mug. While it steeps, all you need to do is wait until the brewing time is complete.

After this, all you do is place the vessel onto a readied mug and let it drain your brewed coffee, and then enjoy. Now, this sounds pretty simple, right? Well except for the part that you’ll need to clean the dripper after this. Now, this is where things start to get very specific since this dripper requires more than just rinsing off to make it work perfectly for a second cup or more.

Cleaning The Abid Clever

Man Cleaning Abid Clever

The brewing chamber is very advanced and will resist cracking, clouding, and has absolutely no BPA’s within the plastic itself. It’s using an Eastman Tritan plastic which is shatter-proof and doesn’t flex as other plastics do. Not until you get a closer look at the drainage system, do you find there is another minor detail that will need special attention so it doesn’t start to malfunction and become another item that you throw away a week later.

To clean the main chamber is very simple but you do need to take it apart to clean the inside. Two parts snap together and are held in place with a silicone stopper. This stopper is also the valve that holds back the brewed coffee and is critical to making this brewing vessel work its best. After taking out the coffee filter and coffee grounds you need to rinse off the coffee dripper with warm water.

After this, you’ll need to reach inside and push the silicone valve downward so the two pieces of this vessel can be separated. The silicone valve looks just like the earbud on any typical WiFi earplug and needs to be removed before you start cleaning. It will slip off very easily once you separate the bottom section from the upper brewing vessel. The silicone plug doesn’t need to be removed from the lower section at this point.

It will have a cone-like tip with a rounded end that sits over a center peg that holds this valve. If you do remove this from the peg, remember that the cone-shaped part needs to face upward otherwise your dripper will leak. What is important to pay attention to is the thin ridge that separates each half of this silicone gasket. This raised ridge is what creates the seal on this gadget and won’t let coffee dribble out while it’s brewing.

This needs to be rinsed off with warm water, so never use soap that could damage the silicone itself. What you’re doing here is removing any fine grit or coffee particles that could dry onto the silicone and cause a gap in the seal. It sounds pretty hilarious but even a small piece of grit will make this coffee dripper malfunction and become drippy. As long as this valve is clean, it will work correctly without hassle.

As for the rest of the coffee dripper, you need to rinse these with warm water and avoid using harsh soap or scrubbing. It just needs to be free from leftover micro- grit from little coffee grounds that may have slipped through the coffee filter. Let these dry in your drainer and assemble them when they are dry.

Brewing Coffee In The Abid Clever

Man Brewing Coffee In Abid Clever

The real secret to this coffee brewing method will require a medium-fine ground coffee (setting 9 on the Cappresso Infinity Plus Burr Grinder). Unlike the typical cold brew methods, you aren’t letting this steep overnight. The brewing time is typically 3-4 minutes depending on how strong you want your coffee. The filter that you’ll use is a standard cone filter that is using a #4 or #6 coffee filter.

The #6 filter will need trimming since this extends above the rim of the vessel, so you’re better off using the #4 filter, so it fits perfectly inside.

Abid Clever Brewing method

Abid Clever Brewing

Brewing with the Abid Clever is fairly straight forward, as are most full immersion methods. We recommend keeping the brewing time under three minutes as you'll get a full flavored brew with less of the papery flavor.
Brew Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 2 Cups
Calories 1 kcal


  • Abid Clever
  • Kettle


  • 26.5 Grams Medium-Fine Ground Coffee or 1/4 cup
  • 400 Grams Water or 13.5 oz.


  • Heat water in kettle until boiling begins; remove from heat.
  • Soak filter to rinse. Discard water from device. Add grounds to filter and gently shake device to create a level coffee bed.
  • Bloom: Evenly and slowly soak coffee grounds with about 1/4 cups (about 50 grams) of water. Careful not to disturb the coffee bed too much, we're just soaking the coffee to bring out the soluble gases, hence the bloom. Duration: 0:30
  • Add remaining water slow and gently by pouring in a circular motion over the center of the coffee bed. Your circles should be no larger than a silver dollar. Duration: 0:30
  • Place lid on the Clever and wait for the brewing to complete. Duration 2:00


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