French Press Made Simple! Kona French Press Coffee Maker Review

French Presses are all the rage these days. You’ve probably bought one before, or seen one at a friend’s house. If you haven’t used one, you’re completely missing out! They make delicious coffee because they leave behind essential oils that other coffee makers can’t provide. Our Kona French Press coffee maker review will help you … Read moreFrench Press Made Simple! Kona French Press Coffee Maker Review

Small French Press Reviews

If you’re like me, you’re usually a “one-cup-per-day” type of person. Too much coffee and you can start to get jittery, increased heartbeat, and nausea. Not only that, too much coffee can mean a physical and mental addiction to a large dose of caffeine. No one wants to be held back from their usual activities … Read moreSmall French Press Reviews

Types of Coffee and Recipes

Have you ever walked into a cafe, looked at the menu and gotten a bit confused? I know I have! For people who aren’t yet at “sommelier” level in their coffee journey, this article explains the most popular types of coffee made from espresso. Types of Espresso Caffe macchiato (Italian word meaning mottled)Espresso coffee 1 ounce … Read moreTypes of Coffee and Recipes