Bella Espresso Maker Review

Bella Espresso Maker Review










Coffee Taste



  • Cheap and Simple to Use
  • Built-in Steam for Cappucino
  • Water reservoir heats quickly


  • Feels cheaply made
  • Durability concerns, may last less than a year
  • Grate on bottom does not remove for cleaning

We have to begin the Bella Espresso Machine Review by stating our pleasant surprise reviewing this item. This home espresso machine seems to have it all. Additionally, it’s one of the most affordable machines in the market. Not only does it extract good coffee, it does it consistently. This may be the best coffee machine for a simple, daily fresh brew. Read on for our take on the Bella Espresso Machine Review.


Steam wand

For the milk froth lovers, this espresso coffee machine is equipped with a built-in steam wand that pumps a delicious creamy foam. The milk frother steams a rich microfoam for your fresh cup of coffee. Ultimately, the espresso extraction is decent with good tasting crema. It comes with a glass decante as well. This lets you choose whether you want to brew coffee from one to four cups at a time. Of course, this is a freedom not many espresso brewers can offer. Making espresso does not have to be a tough task.

bella espresso maker frother
The frother is great for cappuccino!


Almost all parts of this machine are removable including the reservoir. Therefore, cleaning and descaling is a breeze. Furthermore, whether it’s to clean the filter, refill the decante or scrub the milk frother, you won’t have a problem. In fact, it comes with a decant for larger cups. However, with the espresso scoop included in the package, you will measure your cups and only put in as much as you want in your brew. As a matter of fact, if you’re not a coffee enthusiast and quality doesn’t matter for you, there is no need to spend too much. This may be the right one for your kitchen countertop for the basic coffee drinker. Moreover, it beats standing in line at a coffee shop or Starbucks waiting for the barista to get your commercial espresso. Be a home barista with this espresso cappuccino machine.


The bottom line, if you’re a coffee enthusiast picky about the quality of extraction, this is not for you. You might want to explore a more upgraded fully super automatic espresso machine or semi-automatic espresso brewers. All things considered, the coffee from the Bella Espresso Coffee Machine dispenses a perfect cup of customizable hot beverages. Furthermore, it often comes down to what kind of coffee grounds or espresso coffee bean you are using. To summarize, you can’t go wrong with this coffeemaker. It is definitely a step up from the single serve Keurig or drip coffee machines.

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