Best Coffee Maker Reviews – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Some of the best-brewed cups of coffee come from the best coffee maker.

The flavor you desire every morning and the taste you expect; all depends on the type of coffee maker you choose.

No further ado…

Here are the best coffee maker reviews that will help you brew a perfect cup of coffee anytime you crave for it.

These are advanced yet simple to use affordable coffee makers and serve the user’s purpose in brewing a delicious and steaming cup of coffee.

You will come across all kinds of coffee makers that come in various shapes, designs, features, and size. You can also jump over to our testing of manual immersion brewing devices like French presses and our favorite camping and travel French presses.

Coffee Maker Reviews

While my list of coffee makers is laser targeted for the best user experience, you may also find slightly expensive models, which of course comes with some cool features and brew coffee like no other coffee maker on the market.

It is entirely up to your personal needs as to which coffee maker you will choose. And no-brainer – Spending more money usually adds up to good things when it comes to how the coffee machine brews – but there are some great bargain values to be had with cheep coffee makers.

Before I begin, I always emphasize that always knows exactly what you are buying before you spend money. This is why I’ve put together this detailed guide on coffee maker reviews that will enable the buyers to choose wisely and according to their needs.

Cuisinart DCC-32008.754-6 CupsFully automatic with 24-hour programmability

Hamilton Beach 49980A812 CupsSimple 2-Way Brewing

Bonavita BV1900TS6.138 CupsSingle button push brew

Black+Decker4.512 Cups24-hour auto brew feature

Ninja Coffee Bar Single Serve 12XL Cup or MugSingle brew system with multiple options

Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve 5.4XL Cup of MugSingle serve brew

BUNN GRB Velocity Brew810 CupsSimple brewing operation

French Press Coffee & Tea Maker38 CupsNo programs. Simple push button brew

Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-12006.812 CupsFully Programmable

MR. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RB 10.415 Bar Pump SystemSemi-Automatic

Need a quick suggestion on top performing models recommended?

If you are looking for beginner models that with simple features, go for these two models:

  • Ninja Coffee Bar Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Those looking for an advanced coffee maker, this one is your best option:

  • Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker
  • Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

1: Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Review – Best programmable coffee maker for the money

Cuisinart is one the coffee fanatics favorite coffee maker. It has a price tag somewhere between cheap and expensive. Though it is a fully programmable coffee maker with some advanced features, its user-friendly interface won’t give you a hard time brewing your coffee.


It has an outstanding performance. The ideal temperature to brew coffee is 190 to 205 degrees, which is have mentioned in my previous posts several times. Cuisinart DCC-3200 meets this standard. In fact, this coffee maker is also rated for high, quickly and efficiently brewing a full carafe of coffee.

It is loaded with all the features that you, as a buyer, would expect to have in your lovely kitchen appliance. And even with all that, the price is extremely affordable.

  • First and foremost, it is a fully automatic coffee brewer with 24-hour programmability
  • Smart self-clean feature makes cleaning your machine hassle free
  • Automatic shutdown feature and a gold tone commercial style permanent filter
  • Its large decorative glass carafe can hold up to 14 cups of brewed coffee so you won’t have to brew again and again. This saves you time
  • You can also function your coffee maker to brew light, medium or strong coffee, depending on your taste
  • State-Of-The-Art technology ensures hotter coffee without any change in flavor, color or quality even after hours
  • Easily adjustable warm temperature controls

Other than its features, it has a very appealing design that will make the heads turn for a look. The stainless steel handle with a black colored body looks absolutely mesmerizing in one corner of the kitchen.

Overall, it is easy to use and maintain coffee maker with an impressive “BLACK LCD” display, which is quite big and visible. It lights up as you program the machine to brew coffee. The stainless steel handle gives a strong grip and is heat-repellent.

If you are looking for a coffee brewer with excellent features and user-friendly operation, Cuisinart DCC-3200 is your best option. It makes your life easy and is everlasting.

  • Maintains coffee temperature with no change in flavor or quality
  • Comes with multiple brewing options: Light, medium and strong
  • Fully automatic with 24 hours’ programmability
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Because of large brewing capacity, it is slightly big as compared to other coffee brewers

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2: Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer Review – Smart & Programmable

Next on our list is Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee maker review and it is quite an amazing coffee machine. It is popular for its 2-way brewing operation which is unique. It allows you to brew as much coffee as needed and up to 12-cups for family or friends.


This coffee maker actually gives you the liberty for brewing coffee, using both a single serve option or a full pot option. That’s something amazing.

For example, if you need a mug or you have some unexpected guests at home, and a full pot is required, all you do is choose one of the options, and it will smartly brew the desired quantity.

It also allows you to personalize the coffee you want to brew. The strength selector option can be used to choose regular or bold strength.

The pod holder on the machine firmly snaps the single-serve brew basket, enabling you to hold soft pods for brewing a cup without the need to use the entire machine.

On the front, there is a user-friendly control panel with multiple options. It is pretty simple to operate. The timer allows you to program brew time up to 24-hours in advance. This can save you time if you are in a rush.

We also loved the 2-hour automatic shut off feature built into this coffee maker, which increases the lifespan of Hamilton Beach 2-Way coffee maker and reduces the use of extra energy.

Its best feature is soft pod which gives you the experience, taste, and sense of a cup of a freshly ground coffee without needing to waste time on scooping, measuring and reporting. You simply drop one into its attachment that snaps into the single-serve side, and the machine is all set to brew a quick cup of coffee.

Talking about the Aesthetics, it is a nice coffee maker and comes in a beautiful combination of both black and silver that will seamlessly blend with the kitchen’s décor.

This coffee maker is durable, and it won’t cause you any pain for a very long period. Moreover, it is covered by warranty, which you can claim if anything goes wrong.

  • Two brewing options. A single mug or a full pot
  • No spill carafe
  • Auto shut off after 2 hours
  • Easy to program and BPA free
  • Backed by Hamilton Beach warranty
  • No hot plate on single serve side
  • No saved programmed settings

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3: Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Maker Review – Fast and effective brew quality

Bonavita is among the best coffee makers that yield the most delicious and flavor-rich cup of coffee. It evenly distributes the water over coffee grounds that ensures a perfect brew. This is what makes it unique from other brewers.


There is a large showerhead on the machine, and its job is to ensure uniform extraction and better saturation.

Its filter basket is made flat instead of pointed, and because of this design, it gives the water a chance to reach coffee grounds around the edge more and to stay there for a longer duration for yielding a great flavor.

Though it is faster as compared to most of the brewers on the market, still if you are looking for some fancy features like programmable brewing option or sneaking a cup mid-brew, it is not for you.

When it comes to design, it has a stainless steel thermal carafe and a glass carafe; you can choose at the time of purchase. I would recommend the glass carafe as it is more attractive and dishwasher safe.

One drawback in this coffee maker is lack of warming plate but that that is not a big issue. The glass carafe is double walled, and the lid designed on top is designed to retain heat for longer durations.

Its simple yet wonderful design also makes it safe. You simply add coffee, pour water and push the brew button and that’s it. For safety and energy saving, it has an automatic shut-off feature when the brewing is done.

Overall, it is one of the best coffee makers with a very simple operation and a sleek design that will perfectly compliment the décor of your kitchen. It brews fast and smart, serving you with a delicious and steaming cup of coffee.

  • One touch brew option with auto-off
  • Showerhead, carafe lid, and filter basket are dishwasher safe
  • Powerful, precise and quick in brewing
  • Durable stainless steel lining
  • 2-year warranty
  • You cannot program it to autostart in the morning. You must push the brew button

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4: Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker Review – Bestseller of the year

Fall in love with the matte black color of Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker. This programmable brewer makes your life easier. It comes in two more colors: Black Stainless steel and White stainless steel.


Nothing to boast about, it is user-friendly and serves the purpose of brewing a perfect cup of coffee anytime you want.

Its simple, quick touch programming allows you to program 24-hour auto brew feature easily. In simple, when you wake up in the morning, you won’t have to walk to the kitchen like a zombie to start the brewer. It will have a fresh pot of coffee ready at the time programmed.

The front of this coffee maker has digital controls with intuitive operation and programming. These are soft-touch button, and even if they get dirty or stained with coffee, you can use a damp cloth to wipe them off.

Many times it happens that you desperately need a cup of coffee and brewing still has a few minutes to end. However, with the Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, you can use its Sneak-A-Cup feature that will temporarily stop the flow of coffee and allows you to pour the first cup even before brewing ends quickly.

While being a smart coffee machine, it also saves you money on the utility bills. Thanks to its 2-hour auto shutoff feature that adds more safety and peace of mind.

Because we all love to see the brewing process, the front facing window of this coffee maker shows you the exact amount of water that will turn into coffee and would gradually drip into the carafe.

Overall, it is a nice coffee maker and is the best seller of the year so far. It is reasonably priced, easy to clean and store. For color recommendation, I would suggest the pure black model.

  • QuickTouch Programming feature
  • Digital controls with soft-touch buttons
  • Sneak-A-Cup feature to pour coffee before brewing ends
  • 2-hour automatic shutoff to save electricity
  • Easy-view water window
  • No drawbacks

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5: Ninja Coffee Bar Single Serve Coffee Maker Review – Comes with built-in Frother and a great gift option

While being a great gift option on Christmas, birthday or a wedding, this coffee maker is capable of brewing a wide array of different types of coffee. This makes it the most versatile drip coffee maker on the market.


This simple looking coffee maker is capable of brewing 100 different coffeehouse-style drinks. The coffee maker is actually in love with the coffee grounds and understands them better. It is guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for caffeine every morning or anytime.

Spoiler Alter: It brews a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Like most of the coffee makers on our list, it is fairly simple and easy to operate with a straightforward operation. Once you unbox it, opening the cardboard top, you’ll be introduced to a three-prong electric outlet.

Upon plugging, you’ll see flashing set of digits, indicating the ability of the machine to program time for brewing. Some buttons like “H” and “M” near the digital display can be pressed for reading the actual time.

Its design is pretty compact and stylish but slightly larger. You may have difficulty slipping it into smaller kitchen cabinets. Measuring 15.2 inches tall and 10 inches wide, you need to clean up a large cabinet to room it safely inside.

Talking of the accessories, you’ll find a lovely scoop and an integrated coffee filter: however, there are no storage options.

Overall, the simple interface of this coffee maker allows even a novice to brewing a perfect cup of coffee. It has a few push buttons with labels that are enough to understand how the machine works.

Its ability to made a wide array of coffee types makes it versatile and a great drip feed coffee maker. Just a few easy button presses before brewing, and you’ll have a unique taste sipping through your taste buds.

  • Multiple ways to brew
  • Programmable
  • User-friendly
  • Compact and sleek design
  • No drawbacks

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6: Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker Review – An affordable option for beginners

While it is affordable, Hamilton Beach 49881A Single Serve Coffee Maker is a great option for beginners who are just starting with brewing coffee.


Though the coffee maker is used by hundreds of thousands of coffee addicts, its simple operation and ease of use make it a perfect brewing machine for newbies.

It is the first single serve automatic drip coffee maker. It requires ground coffee instead of pods/discs/capsules and works flawlessly. And with a whopping 1000+ five star reviews on Amazon, there remains no question to doubt its quality.

The best thing we love about this coffee brewer is its smart, shiny and sleek design. Unlike most of the coffee machines, it has pretty slim ergonomics. You can easily slip it in small cabinets.

It also comes with a stainless steel scoop, which also acts as a doser and filter basket. Once you scoop coffee, insert it directly in your coffee maker and start the brewing process.

In less than 2-minutes, a delicious steaming cup of perfectly brewed coffee would be ready…mmm…Maybe I’ve exaggerated – But guess what? It actually is that fast.

However, if you love strong flavor, it can take extra time, depends on how strong you want it to brew.

It’s quite a versatile single serve coffee maker on the market. It can brew any type of coffee with any grind and water-coffee ratio.

This single serve coffee maker also features an attractive, sturdy and sleek design. Its water reservoir can hold up to 14 ounces of water, and you can easily see how much water is poured inside.

Also, this reservoir is shallow and pretty easy to clean. Its scoop has three parts that are part of the coffee brewing process, and it also comes in contact with the coffee. This includes:

  • Filter well
  • Filter holder
  • The Scoop brew basket

Before you brew, make sure to adjust its L-shaped cup rest, which ensures that the cup is as close to the dispensing nozzle as possible. After scooping coffee grounds, scoop them directly in the scoop filter.

Also, never fill it past the MAX fill line. For the coffee-water ratio, use 2 tbsps. Of coffee for 8 oz. cup and 3 tbsps. For 14 ounces.

Overall, it is a nice coffee maker for the money and comes with a one-year exclusive warranty by Hamilton Beach. They have a great customer service, and replacement of parts like filter holders, scoop and multilevel cup rests are available.

  • A nice, sleek and stylish beginner coffee maker
  • User-friendly to operate
  • Regular and bold settings available for varying coffee strengths
  • Can also brew hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and even oatmeal
  • Can easily accommodate a travel mug
  • One-year warranty
  • Doesn’t come with a reservoir with hot water
  • Takes extra time to brew strong coffee flavor

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7: BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer Review – Compact and stylish

BUNN offers a variety of coffee makers, but the GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer is the best one that will suit any lifestyle.


The company is known for their fast brewing and quality of taste. While this is a compact and stylish coffee maker, it is also a top competitor of other brewers in the market. From quality built to customer service, you won’t find any other company like BUNN.

From appearance, it doesn’t appear too attractive, but it is still compact and complements the décor of your kitchen. The glossy finish quickly blends with its surroundings.

While looks are a factor, this coffee machine is actually built to brew a perfectly flavored steaming cup of coffee.

Brewing coffee is very simple and easy. There aren’t any fancy buttons or flashy displays that might confuse you. Simply add coffee grounds, pour water, set the carafe and push the brew button.

Wait for a few minutes, and your delicious cup of coffee with its flavorful aroma will be ready.

As easy is the brewing process, so is cleaning the machine. It doesn’t take much time and efforts. Also, you won’t have to clean it too often. Even a damp cloth wipe would be enough.

Best of all, your BUNN coffee maker is always ready to serve you with a hot and steaming cup of coffee.

Overall, it is a feasible solution to your 24/7 energy drain and is inexpensive. The price tag is slightly high as compared to other coffee makers on our list but it is worth the investment. If you want to improve your lifestyle and want to drink a healthy and delicious cup of coffee every time, this is your coffee maker to go with.

  • Free and quick replacement if product has any defect
  • Brews coffee instantly
  • Spray-head ensure optimum flavor
  • Stylish design that blends with your kitchen’s décor
  • Slightly expensive

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8: French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Review – Best Coffee Maker ever

This simple yet stylish coffee maker can also make tea for you. It can make 1 liter or coffee or tea at a time, which is equal to 8 small cups or 4 coffee mugs.


A spoon made from thick stainless steel is also added along with four filter screen that helps prevent coffee grounds in your coffee. You’ll also get a coffee scoop and a hard copy instruction manual along with Barista’s recipes.

It is also backed by a 5-year solid warranty, which is more than any other coffee maker on the market.

It is the only French Press coffee maker that features a double stainless steel encapsulated LID and is designed to withstand high temperatures. This makes it SAFE for you to use.

A 4-Filter Screen system is added that ensures a creamy, foamy, velvety and pure coffee or tea. You can also use it to prepare iced tea, frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, cashew milk, plant tinctures, lemonades, rinse Quinoa and much more.

If you have a very busy routine, then this is the most versatile coffee brewer for you. It can brew an appetizing cup of coffee or tea within a few minutes. You only need to pour coffee, water and press the brew button. Its smart technology uses proper heat and maintains temperature to keep the coffee flavorful.

Overall, it is a great coffee maker that will fulfill your cravings for caffeine. It has a nice and sleek design and is user-friendly to operate. No complicated programming, simple press and brew operation and you have your cup of coffee ready.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Multiple purpose
  • Accessories included like spoon, filter, scoop and instruction manual along with Barista’s recipes as bonus
  • Double stainless steel encapsulated lid
  • Slightly prone to corrosion

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9: Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Review– Amazon’s choice

Amazon’s choice and a very popular option for individuals who love a simple brew operation. It is as simple as pouring coffee, water and pressing the start button and your coffee will be ready in a few minutes.


It saves your time when you are in a hurry in the morning and brews perfectly. You won’t have to put a lot of effort into cleaning it either. Thanks to its smart ergonomics that make it easier for you.

Talking about its aesthetics, it boasts a classic brushed metal design with a lovely 12-cup carafe and a handle for comfortable dripless coffee pouring.

It has brew pause feature that allows enjoying a cup of coffee even before brewing ends.

The adjustable heater plate with low, medium and high options ensures that your coffee stays at the perfect temperature that you like.

Using its 24-hour advance brew start, you can save time in the morning and have your cup of coffee brewed at the perfect time. It is also energy efficient, thanks to the shutoff from 0 to 4 hours along with 1 to 4 cup feature when you’re making less than 5 cups.

While most of the coffee makers have a simple water filter, Cuisinart DCC-1200 features a charcoal filter with permanent gold tone filter than ensure freshest coffee flavor and a delightful aroma.

Overall, this coffee brewer has been built to North American Electrical Standards and is guaranteed to meet all your expectations. I would highly recommend this coffee maker if you are on a fixed budget. It can also be a great gift option.

  • Sleek and stylish brushed metal design
  • Brew pause feature
  • 24-hour advance brew start
  • Charcoal water filter and permanent gold tone filter for fresh taste and aroma
  • Electrical design has some flaws

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10: MR. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1000-RB Café Barista Espresso Maker Machine Review – Advanced and professional

Mr. Coffee always brings out a product that is not only affordable but built with quality. Even though their brewers are quite bulky and hard to slip in small kitchen cabinets, they are still a far better option than other coffee makers.


This hybrid coffee maker is somewhere between manual and super automatic espresso machine.

In simple, it is manual because you have to pull your espresso shots and super automatic that it automatically froths and pours steamed milk into your beverage. That is the beauty of this bulky brewer.

Inside the machine, there is a single pump boiler that is responsible for extracting espresso and frothing the milk. I must mention here that it comes with an automatic milk frother, milk density adjuster and pre-set beverage buttons that make your life easier.

This boiler is very powerful and can brew enough coffee to serve a whole family. However, it may take some time to brew, but the flavor and aroma are delightful.

Because of a milk frother, it produces dense, frothy foam and adds more flavor and quality to your cup of coffee.

Overall, this coffee brewer does a pretty good job and comes at a very affordable price. Brewing coffee takes a little while and is as simple as pouring coffee, water and pressing the start button.

  • Semi-automatic with 3-in-1 espresso machine
  • 15-bar pump system that brews rich-tasting espresso coffee
  • One-touch control panel
  • User-friendly
  • Easy-fill removable water and milk reservoirs with a programmed cleaning cycle
  • Automatic milk frother that saves time and eases your task
  • Its frother may not produce a dense milk quality
  • Slightly expensive but worth your investment
  • It is quite You cannot store it in small cabinets

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Coffee Maker Buying Guide

As I mentioned earlier in the article, before you spend money, make sure that a coffee maker is compatible with your needs.

The best coffee maker must have the following features and factors

1: Capacity

Setting aside the brand, design, ergonomics…The first thing to look for in a coffee maker is its capacity.

You may consider buying a single-serve coffee machine if you brew coffee for yourself only.

However, if you have friends, family or guests visiting you quite often, you may opt for a large-capacity coffee maker with a large carafe and the ability to brew at least 8-12 cups at a time

2: Digital Controls

If you don’t like waking up in the morning, walking down the kitchen, adding the ingredients and pressing the brew button, you should consider buying a programmable coffee brewer.

These coffee machines usually have a 24-hour brewing time setup with automatic “on” switch.

They’ll have a steaming cup of coffee ready at the set time. These coffee makers are best for those who are forgetful or in a rush for work.

3: Thermal carafe/thermal mug

Nearly all the coffee makers have a carafe but what’s more is to ensure that is a thermal one.

Thermal carafes can keep the coffee hot for hours and prevent it from burning. These type of carafes usually don’t have a burner, which makes them easily portable.

4: Brew-Strength Control

You may love light coffee or a very strong brew. This is where the brew-strength control feature steps in.

You don’t have to purchase lightly or dark roast beans instead the smart brewing strength control feature will do the work. For weaker brew, it will divert water from the coffee grounds and vice versa.

5: Water Filter

Finally, a water filter is a must in your coffee machine. It helps to remove chlorine, odor and prevents the odd taste, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee every time.

If it has these, then you can consider buying it. As a buyer, you should also take into account your daily coffee intake. You may want to brew more cups at a time for which you’ll need a larger carafe.

Why Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Stainless Steel and Programmable is our #1 pick?

My recommendation – I’ve personally used this coffee maker, and it has worked like a charm. Also, its versatility and user-friendliness make it as one of the top-selling coffee brewers with the most number of positive reviews.

It is affordable and can be stored in small cabinets. Not to mention, it’s sleek & stylish body.

Other things to consider

Other than the basic features, you may want to look in for the type of coffee maker. There are mainly these types available on the market:

  • Drip Coffee Machines
  • Pump Espresso Machines
  • Coffee Capsule Machines

You should also be aware of how to use a coffee maker to brew coffee. Most of them have a pretty basic operation, and they come with an instruction manual, however; you should always know how to use a coffee maker properly.

With proper usage of your coffee brewer, it will ensure its long lasting life. You should clean it time to time and don’t allow the coffee residue stick inside the machinery. Don’t forget to clean the filter as well.

So that’s it, fellow readers. I hope you enjoyed reading and this article was helpful to find the best coffee maker on the market.