Best Trader Joe’s Coffee for Cold Brew

Trader Joe’s has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and so has cold brew. The majority of Trader Joe’s locations are in warm-weather states like California and Arizona. Many readers have asked us “What is the best Trader Joe’s coffee for cold brew?” Today, we’ll be ranking our favorites after reviewing every coffee our local Trader Joe’s sells.

best trader joe's coffee for cold brew- who will come out the winner?
Trader Joe’s has an excellent selection of coffee. We’ll rank the best for cold brew in our french press.

I’m not going to lie – I’m wary of most grocery store coffee beans. Unless it’s the coffee section of Whole Foods, and I can see when the beans were roasted, I usually steer clear. A few years ago though, I moved to an area that had Trader Joe’s extremely close by. After trying their coffee, I realized it’s a good alternative to my local roaster. It may not be “high-end” or “artisinal,” but it’s good. Especially for cold brew.

Trader Joe’s Medium Roast

The first Trader Joe’s coffee we tried for cold brew is the Medium Roast. Usually donning a gold and brown exterior, it is one of Trader Joe’s most popular varieties. We used a french press to make cold brew and were happy with the results.

trader joe's medium roast and coffee grinder
Trader Joe’s Medium Roast ready for the grinder

We always recommend grinding your beans yourself. For cold brew in the french press, we usually do a coarse grind. If you grind too fine, it can be bitter and grounds can get in your cup.

trader joe's medium roast ground coarse

Shows the grind you should aim for. Coarse for french press!
trader joe's medium roast in grinder ready
I eyeball the amount, usually up to the rim of my grinder.
trader joe's medium roast color in french press for cold brew
Color of the Trader Joe’s medium roast before leaving to sit. Not very “medium” looking!

After letting the medium roast sit for 12-14 hours, we found the end result fantastic. It has a rich body, full mouthfeel, and a smooth finish. Unlike other beans, we could not detect much bitterness. This is one of the best Trader Joe’s coffees you can buy for cold brew.

Trader Joe’s Dark Roast – Good for Cold Brew or French Press

The next one we tried is the Trader Joe’s Dark Roast. Most similar to the Medium Roast, it comes in a dark blue case with gold and light blue font. While the medium roast claims it’s “exceptionally smooth” the dark roast does not mince words. It claims its status as “rich and flavorful” and we agree, especially for cold brew. Take a look at the case to remember next time you’re in a Trader Joe’s store.

trader joe's dark roast with french press for cold brew
Trader Joe’s Dark Roast with my French Press. Ready for cold brew!

We made the dark roast cold brew the same way as the medium roast. First, we ground the beans and added them to the french press. Then, we added filtered water and stirred. Then, you let it mix for 12-24 hours and plunge at the end!

The Trader Joe’s dark roast has an intense, smoky flavor. One thing we noticed is that cold brew does tend to mute the flavor of any coffee you use. If you buy some high end coffees, we do recommend making a traditional drip or pour-over cup instead of cold brew. This is why the best Trader Joe’s coffee for cold brew is a good fit.

We found the dark roast flavor perfect for cold brew, especially on warmer days. I personally drink cold brew year-round, but a lighter roast can taste weird during the fall and early winter. This dark roast has a much fuller texture and mouthfeel, making it perfect for late season.

Not to be outdone, the dark roast needed a picture with his hermano.

trader joe's two coffees for cold brew
Trader Joe’s dark roast and medium roast together with my french press. They’re both great for cold brew, but I prefer the dark roast during cooler months.