Breville BES920XL Review

Breville BES920XL Review










Coffee Taste



  • Brews excellent tasting espresso
  • Dual Boiler allows for steaming and brewing at the same time
  • Descale at home without having to send it off


  • Tips the scale at roughly 30lbs
  • Bends the wallet at > $1,000

Sometimes you just want to get to the point. Therefore, cut the nonsense, let’s get to the point! All things considered, that is usually how I like my morning buzz. Imagine your perfect cup of espresso. What does it look like? Smell like? Taste like? Well, if you just want straight up quality espresso at the convenience of your own home, you may enjoy the BES920XL. Does quality espresso have to be so difficult to make? Not when you have the BES920XL. Hence, this machine is easy to initially set up and even easier to use daily. Additionally, each drink is customizable to specified pressure and temperature. Thus, this brewer does all the hard work for you! While, leaving you to the ease of creating your custom espresso, at the touch of a button.

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Breville Dual Boiler BES920XL

If you are an avid espresso enthusiast, you know pressure and constant temperature is extremely important for the utmost quality cup of espresso. This machine knows exactly how to do that for every cup! Whether a milk based drink or a simple cup of espressos, this brewer brings all your perfect espresso-based drinks to a high standard of taste and quality.

Additionally, you can program details such as pressure, pre-infusion, and temperature to ensure your desired cup of espresso is made to your specifications. However, unlike most machines, this brewer has a dual boiler function that allows you to steam milk, and brew espresso at the same time. Therefore, the perfect latte art is one touch away! So how does this brewer handle all these mechanics while making it easy for you to get a quality cup? Read on for the details.

Easy initial set up

The initial set up of this machine is as straightforward as it is easy. First install the water filter into the water tank and fill the tank. Turn on the machine and set the water hardness level using the test strips included in the box. The average filtered water at its normal PH of 7.5, should test at a hardness of 3. Flip the machine on and run the machine initially to prepare the system for use. It takes a good 8 minutes for the boilers to be at optimal temperature, so be patient. In under 15 minutes the BES920XL is ready to pull your first shot.


The basic mechanics to any espresso machine is to deliver 9 bars of pressure consistently at a stable temperature for the perfect espresso shot. It produces art quality micro-foam for milk based espresso coffees, worthy of Instagram. The mechanics behind this machine do not disappoint on any grounds. For example, there are three different heating systems in this machine.

The water you put in the machine travels to the 700W brew boiler. The coiled 100W grouphead heater works with the 700W brew boiler to deliver the perfect watering brew temperature. The second boiler has a built in 900W programmable steam boiler that steams milk to your specified temperature. The Breville dual boiler espresso machine has two built-in vibe pumps. The first pump produces up to 15 bars of pressure for brewing and the other, pumps up to 4.5 bars of pressure for steaming milk.

Optimal brew configurations

The Breville BES920XL has a hot water dial in the front that allows you to use the quality steam wand that the machine comes with to extract the perfect, social-media worthy latte. During extraction, the low pressure pump refills the steam boiler without affecting brew pressure for convenience. The BES920XL menu settings are straightforward and easy to modify. Moreover, this machine lets you customize the power and length of pre-infusion of the espresso ground.

However, the default settings on the machine are set to perfect standards. The default pre-infusion time is 6 seconds at 60% pressure for 30 seconds. These are considered optimal conditions for brewing espresso drinks. The digital menu to lets you know when you need to refill the reservoir or when you need to descale the machine.

A Typical Morning

You wake up at 6 AM so you programmed your machine to start up at 5:45am. This gives it enough time to preheat, without you having to physically wake up, and start the machine yourself. Furthermore, by the time you walk into your kitchen at 6 AM, your machine is ready to pump your drink. Then, grind your coffee into the portafilter. Next, put the portafilter in the brew head, and pick whether your brew will be a shot of espresso or milk-based espresso coffee.

However, if you feel like a cappuccino, add milk to the included pitcher. Then, place the tip of the wand into the milk, turn the lever on and froth away. This brewer takes 30 seconds to steam about 4 ounces of milk. Finally, press the doubleshot button. That’s it! The machine does the rest.

Descale from home

An additional feature that sets this machine apart from other high-end espresso machines is that this particular BES920XL has spouts built in to the brewer for descaling. In addition, this machine conveniently stands on retracted wheels that lock in the front for placement. There are two screws in the front of the machine that drain the boilers into a drip tray. This feature is what makes this machine so special! Most espresso machines do not come with this feature. Consequently, it eliminates the need to send it to a professional every few years for cleaning. Which is what some espresso machines require.

Breville BES920XL Review Conclusion

Finally, is this machine for you? Honestly, if you’re not an espresso person or only drink it on occasion, this machine might not be for you. This brewer is for avid espresso fans. Therefore, this coffee maker is for those who want a variety of espresso drinks made to perfection, from the comforts of your own kitchen, and without the complications. Moreover, the versatility of this particular espresso machine, combined with quality of taste it pumps out, really hits a home run with espresso lovers. If you’re looking for a home brewer with a built in grinder, this is not for you. The Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso machine brews top quality espressos under the most perfect conditions. The quality and ease of operation, caters to both the beginner espresso enthusiast and the most avid connoisseurs.

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