Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder [Testing & Review]

Why We Like the Capresso Burr Grinder

The Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder is a great entry-level coffee maker with plenty of great features and consistent performance. If you want something simple yet effective that can give you an enjoyable cup of coffee with every use, you can’t go wrong with this compact coffee maker.

capresso in box


The Pros
The Cons
  • Small compact design that allows for ease of use and makes for the ideal first grinder
  • Affordable price makes it a great buy that doesn’t compromise functionality in any way
  • Various color options are available depending on the color scheme in your kitchen, allowing it to blend in with the rest of your interior
  • Needs pressurized portafilters if you wish to use the coffee maker for espresso, which is due to the inconvenient adjustment steps
  • Tends to experience static buildup

If you’re searching for the ideal entry-level coffee grinder, you’ll be able to get a lot out of the Capresso Infinity. Chances are, if you’re considering the Capresso Infinity, you’re probably looking to upgrade your coffee grinder from an electric blade model, which is considerably less expensive. However, a burr grinder can be a step up with a design like the Infinity’s.

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Burr grinders work by spinning burrs against each other in the grinder to crush coffee and other substances more precisely. You can have full control over the size of the gaps between burrs, which gives you the grind you want with every use. In turn, burr grinding is superior to breaking up coffee with metal blades. Another downside of an electric blade grinder is that it can generate more heat, which can have a negative effect on the coffee’s flavor.

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Despite its superior performance to an electric blade grinder, keep in mind that the Infinity is by no means perfect. It comes with a low price tag, which keeps it affordable, but the fact is that it’s among the cheapest grinders on the market, so you may want to consider something with more features if you can afford a grinder at a higher level. However, this grinder is perfectly serviceable if you simply want a passable grinder that produces consistent results. It’s also long-lasting, so you won’t need to worry about getting a replacement soon after your purchase.


High-Quality Simplistic Design

Capresso Infinity Design

The Capresso Infinity is compact in size, which makes it a great buy if you’re looking for something that won’t take up too much counter space. It’s also built using a mostly plastic body that could benefit from more stainless steel construction. On the other hand, the plastic design is available in different color options, which can allow you to find a model that matches the look of the kitchen to keep it from standing out as an eyesore. The 8.8-ounce bean hopper is also convenient in its design, keeping the top from sticking out too much, which allows plenty of clearance when placed beneath low-hanging cabinets. So, if you live in a small apartment, the size of this grinder is just right.

front of grinder

Ultimately, if small size and simple design are all you need in a coffee grinder, the Infinity is ideal.


Plenty of Great Features

This grinder uses a vertical grinder that’s designed to operate at a low RPM, which helps maintain consistent flavor for your coffee as the roastery intended. Using separate on/off buttons, users can engage in pulse-grinding by periodically tapping the off button while grinding. You can also choose to set the timer to grind intermittently from 5 to 60 seconds.

The removable bean hopper can hold up to 8.8 ounces of coffee beans, and you’ll always know how much to introduce to the grinder with helpful easy-to-read guidelines printed on the side of the hopper to indicate the proper dial setting, depending on your brewing preferences. Parts such as the upper conical grinder are easily removed to allow for cleaning, which is considerably easier than other grinder designs with less intuitive designs.

Another benefit is the locking system that ensures safe and quiet processing, so you won’t need to worry about injury from a malfunctioning grinder.

To make cleaning even easier for you, the coffee grinder also includes a small cleaning kit complete with a small brush. A measuring scoop is also included.

Reliable Performance

This grinder is built to last and give you consistent results, and won’t disappoint if you’re okay with a cheaper option. One of the best aspects of the Infinity is its quietness, which is perfect for apartment living as it allows you to grind as much as you want without disturbing the neighbors. It’s also easy to determine how much coffee to grind based on how much coffee you want.

While generally consistent, it’s not perfect, as you can expect with a cheaper grinder. It’s particularly inconsistent if you use superfine or super coarse settings, but the finer grind will typically give you a decent cup of coffee. You’re better off using a French press for coarser grinds. And if you want to use the Infinity to make espresso, you may want to purchase pressurized pucks that work with the many adjustment settings.

Another downside is that the Infinity’s plastic design doesn’t include any anti-static lining, which means that grounds are more likely to stick to the container. This can make for a somewhat annoying cleanup process, so it may be helpful to keep a brush or towel around to make cleanup simpler following each use. Of course, the brush included with the grinder is also useful for minor cleanup. If this grinder featured an anti-static design, this would be an even better value.


In Conclusion

The Capresso Infinity is definitely one of the best inexpensive burr grinders out there. Its visually appealing and compact quiet design make it ideal for use in apartments and other tight kitchen spaces, and it’s built to last. While its tendency to cause coffee grounds to stick to the container may be a nuisance, and it isn’t designed for handling superfine coffee, you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of this entry-level grinder. There may be plenty of better models available, but if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use to produce a decent cup of coffee every morning, this grinder is an excellent option.