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As far as budget espresso and cappuccino makers for the home users go, there certainly isn’t a lack of options. However, this might not be that good of a thing. In fact, people often get confused and end up buying the wrong coffee machine.  Furthermore, that mistake might cost anywhere between $50 and $500.  However, there are some budget options that you can’t go wrong with. Below, you will find a review for one such option. To be more specific, you will find our Capresso EC50 espresso machine review.

It is a home market based espresso maker made to fit within your kitchen. This machine does not take up much space on your countertop. As long as you’re not a picky coffee drinker, this espresso cappuccino machine brews a decent cup of fresh coffee. Read on to see if you should be ordering this espresso brewer anytime soon.

capresso ec50 on counter

The specifications

The Capresso EC50 is great. Aside from being a relative bargain, it is also among the smallest coffee machines on the market. At only 11.5” inches tall, you can put it anywhere without it taking up too much space. However, that shouldn’t fool you. It is still an impressive machine. And it still makes a great espresso. Moreover, there is a reservoir with almost 42 ounces of storage. This extracts plenty of coffee in one go. There’s also a high pressurized 15 bar pump. This pressure dispenses enough force to give you a decent amount of crema for that single espresso shot. Extracting double shots is easy since the brewer already comes with two spouts for two cups.

There is a control panel on the front of the machine for programming. Fortunately, even the most uncoordinated morning person can find his way around it. On top of the machine, you will find a stainless-steel thermoblock. This acts as a coffee cup warming tray. A warm cup only adds up to the experience of a good cup of espresso in the morning.


Overall, this espresso brewer can go head to head with some higher priced competitors. Instead of limiting the user with specific cups, this brewer allows you to brew any coffee grind you want.  In fact, Keurig’s one cup coffee makers are still practical, but true espresso lovers usually stay away from coffee pods. Furthermore, the heating mechanisms also heat up pretty quickly. In my opinion, this brewer is also amazingly simple to use. On the bottom, you will find an easily removable drip tray.  This gadget lets the user dispense larger cups of coffee. Additionally, this brewer is designed to clean and descale with ease. The body is actually plastic. However, it does have a layer of stainless steel housing the body.

Rounding up the Capresso EC50 review

At the end of the day, the EC50 is made to serve a particular market. Ultimately, this espresso brewer does that with ease. Your home caffeine needs will be fully satisfied. Furthermore, you won’t struggle a bit while satisfying them.  Additionally, the machine is reliable and easy to use.  Most importantly, the extraction process of this brewer makes one mean espresso. Moreover, add to that a pretty low asking price, and you’ve got yourself a winner. All things considered, if you’d rather stay away from coffee pods and their limited range of flavors, this is a good alternative. If you are an avid cappuccino or latte enthusiast, this upgraded Capresso model has a dual frother.

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