Capresso Infinity Review




Grind Quality








Ease of Use



  • Inexpensive burr conical grinder
  • Very easy to use
  • Durable


  • Difficult to clean
  • Struggles with very fine or coarse settings

Let’s say you’re at home and you want to make a cup of fresh espresso. In fact, you have the tamper and you have the coffee espresso machine.  Additionally, you have your own whole coffee beans. You can brew a cup of espresso, but without a built-in grinder, there’s something missing. As a matter of fact, those espresso cappuccino machines usually don’t take whole coffee beans, but instead work with ground coffee. To brew fresh ground coffee you need an electric coffee grinder. Furthermore, there are many electric coffee grinders out there. Moreover, deciding on one  can be difficult. You can buy an inconsistent conical burr grinder that lacks performances. Alas, enter the Capresso Infinity. This  burr coffee grinder is affordable and versatile for domestic users. How finely can I brew my coffee? Read on to find out.  

home coffee grinder under 100
Container holds 4 ounces of ground coffee

Capresoo Infinity features and benefits

As mentioned earlier, the Capresso Infinity aims at the home user. There is a 100 watt conical burr grinder, with 16 grind settings. Additionally, these settings is enough for the domestic home user.  Furthermore, this grinder has a built-in timer. This burr grinder also allows you to grind coffee beans between 5 and 60 seconds. In addition, making a fresh cup of espresso or fresh coffee can be that easy. The quality of the burr grinder is  above what you’d expect for the price. Remember, it’s not a hand grinder. However,  the typical coffee lovers might be disappointed. Those picky with their espressos may not like the brew.


As far as coffee grind consistency goes, the grind is pretty good. Where it excels is the medium, as well as the medium-fine  grind settings. You won’t find a match in this category. Consistency gets a little worse when we’re discussing the finest, or coarsest settings. All in all, it is definitely a noticeable step up from a blade grinder. In fact, the range you get from the Capresso Infinity is enough for anything from drip coffee brew methods, to espresso machines with pressurized filter baskets.

capresso infinity review

Easy to use

As far as ease of use goes,  the manual coffee grinder is incredibly easy to use.  In fact, all you need to do is turn a dial from one to 10, and note that each number adds around six seconds. Afterwards, the espresso grinder will begin to grind.  In fact, if you want an accurate way to dose, there’s a few tips. Specifically, the type of bean and how finely you’re grinding those espresso beans. With the torque you get with this grinder, it gets the job done extracting quality coffee grounds for your espresso cup and coffee drinks. There is one potential downside to the Capresso Infinity. Unfortunately, this machine does not offer the ease of cleaning. Additionally, it does indeed create a bit of a mess. Furthermore, there is a lot of static buildup and ground coffee retention clogging. However, at this price range, it is really not something you should really be complaining about with the freshest quality coffee just a few steps away.

Finishing up the Capresso Infinity review

Whether you like your grind coarser than most or extremely fine, this burr grinder dispenses great quality grinds of that perfect cup of coffee. At the end of the day, if you are a home user, who isn’t particularly nitpicky, the Capresso Infinity will be great. As a matter of fact, it does come with a couple of shortcomings, but you can’t really blame it. Just look at the asking price. Ultimately, you will get well ground coffee on a variety of settings, which is great. All in all, a great budget version for the home whole bean coffee drinker. Moreover, this grinder comes handy  to those bean coffee drinkers that want a fresh cup of  morning coffee straight from the bean. This is one of the best kitchen appliances you can buy for your buck.

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