Making Espresso – Traditional & Alternative Brewing Methods

Espresso Coffee

Espresso is a beautiful and complex beverage. For many coffee lovers, the essence of great coffee is best captured in the creamy, sweet syrup of a perfectly pulled shot of espresso. The popularity of espresso in most parts of the world, though, has dwindled under the onslaught of giant, super-sweet, milky drinks. …

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Guide to Making a Ristretto, Espresso Style Coffee

Ristretto recipe and history featured image

Most people outside of Italy view espresso as something to be tolerated rather than enjoyed. The typical espresso served in mainstream cafes – or prepared at home in consumer-grade coffee makers – resembles a small, poorly brewed coffee more than it does an actual espresso. When brewed correctly, espresso is a thick, …

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Making Long Black Coffee

Long Black Coffee

Often thought of as the Aussie version of an americano, the long black coffee is usually a much more sophisticated drink than its larger American cousin. Most coffee bars in Australia exclusively serve espresso-based drinks and don’t make filter-brewed coffee at all. Australian baristas offer long black coffee to satisfy the occasional …

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