Best Coffee Gifts

Are you looking for the ultimate coffee gifts for friends and family who love great coffee gadgets and accessories? This extensive guide will give you more than a few good reasons to find the perfect gift that makes any cup of coffee instantly better.

Table Of Contents
1. Craft CoffeeBook$
2. Hario CeramicGrinder$
3. Bodum MeilorKettle$
4. Fellow StaggKettle$$$
5. ChemexMaker$
6. AeropressMaker$
7. Capresso InfinitiGrinder$$
8. EmberCup$$$
9. Stanley ClassicMaker$$
10. SecuraMaker$
11. BialettiMaker$
12. ContigoCup$
13. DriftawayCoffee$$
14. OXOMaker$$
15. Royal BrewMaker$$$
16. Breville BES870XLMaker$$$$$
Craft Coffee Manual Gift

If you're still searching for the go-to book that gives you more information than you ever wanted to know about coffee, this is the best book that you'll ever need to own. It's available as a hardback copy or through a download on Kindle. What makes this book different is that it's one of the only books you'll find these days that pays close attention to making coffee rather than espresso.

If you're into making specialty coffee, this is not only a great handbook but an informative step-by-step guide that tells you how it's done properly. There's plenty of science that explained how the coffee extraction process works in very simple to understand explanations too. No matter where you like to enjoy, it also goes into great detail where you can brew coffee and which devices work best for each application.

Don't take our word for it since the ones who have already purchased this coffee book have many more reasons why this book is highly prized. It might not be the complete bible of making coffee but will help you understand why it means the world for making a better cup of specialty coffee.

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill (100g) Gift

Grinding coffee beans are important for brewing, yet there are very big differences when it comes to comparing coffee grinders. Not too many people understand how much difference it makes when purchasing a burr grinder. These grinders help to keep coffee grounds a uniform size, so the brewing process doesn't favor finer bits over unevenly sized grains. This is where the Hario ceramic coffee mill won't leave abnormally sized grounds to chance.

When it comes to specialty coffee, flavors that develop during the brewing process that doesn't belong in your brew can ruin a cup of coffee if the coffee grounds aren't universally the same size. This grinder uses ceramic conical burrs that reduce heat and allow beans to be shaved rather than shattering into uneven-sized bits. There are three different models to choose from depending on your preference of add-ons and burr grinder attachments.

What's nice is that many people who like good coffee also love this grinder since it works. There are other burr grinders on the market, but not all of them have a ceramic grinder and that does help make this price tag more attractive overall.

Bodum Melior Gooseneck Kettle (27 oz) Gift

Perhaps you've experienced what a cool gooseneck kettle can provide for making pourover coffee. Here is an electric kettle that features some neat built-in attachments that give anyone who is starting to make specialty coffee (or tea) easier. It's a no-brainer for those who are just starting out and has an automatic shut-off when the water finally reaches a boil after only 3 minutes.

This particular design has been criticized due to one simple mistake that comes from customers removing a silicone sealing ring that sits above the fill line. If this is removed, it will leak, and that's what the silicone ring prevents. Aside from that, it's simple to use and has cool cork handles so you don't get burned while picking it up. When the water reaches a boil the pressure shuts the machine off after that.

For the price, it's the best choice for beginners or anyone who likes to have an electric kettle that works anywhere you have a power supply. It's good for camping in an RV since it can make up to 1 or 2 cups at a time.

Fellow Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle Gift

If precision is really a big concern if you're looking for a water kettle with a lot of class, the Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle is your immediate choice. This stylish design has a few perks that include a counterweight handle that's designed to make long pours comfortable in your hand. It also features a digital control for water temperature and automatically shuts off when it reaches its target.

There's a hold function that allows the temperature to remain steady for up to a full hour before shutting off automatically. The heating element is separate from the kettle so you never have to worry about added weight tacked onto the kettle while pouring. The best part is the base controls also include a timer so you can keep track of the time while brewing a pourover cup more conveniently.

The instructions might be the only downside of this kettle since the information is printed so small. We recommend the advice from happy critics by using a magnifying glass if you can't read 6pt. type scale or enlarge the info on your smartphone using the enlarge feature.

Chemex coffee maker (8-cup) gift

The one and only Chemex coffee maker is truly a sight to behold if you appreciate the true art of pourover coffee brewing. If you're big on brewing a lot of cups of coffee or essentially an entire pot, this vessel can produce up to 8 cups for bigger groups of coffee fans. This is their classic series and technically produces 40 ounces of coffee. Just like all the other Chemex glass vessels, it features the iconic wraparound wooden handle and built-in pour spout.

Obviously, when you have a larger carafe, the glass will be thinner than the 6-cup version. It will be fragile just like any other large glass carafe and isn't meant to be thrown around like a football! While this version is perfectly fine for putting into the dishwasher, it's better to be hand-washed since the opening is large enough to fit a bottle scrubber. Most of the time, a decent rinse of warm soapy water is enough after using your Chemex coffee maker.

There are obviously more positive reviews than bad experiences, but for a brand-name coffee like Chemex, you can expect there will be criticism. You can decide which side of the table most fans of Chemex are hearing from.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

One of the most simplified gadgets on the market for making instant coffee with a very distinct espresso-like flavor has to be the Aeropress. Originally introduced by Alan Alder (the man who invented the Aerobie Frisbee), returned to the forefront of cult-like fever with the Aeropress. It's a nifty gadget that works anywhere and is easy to produce effective results with very little effort.

If you have hot water and fresh coffee grounds, you can produce a great cup of coffee anywhere you can imagine. We haven't seen anyone making Aeropress coffee while sky diving from an airplane yet, but their annual Aeropress competitions are proving how there is more than one way to make Aeropress coffee taste more exclusive and gourmet-like. You'll find numerous add-on filters now pair with this unique coffee maker.

It's perfect as a coffee gift since there is less chance of making a mistake using this coffee plunger. You can see our complete guide on brewing with the Areopress here. Little things such as the rubber gasket seal will eventually wear out so be sure to order one or two of these as extras so it lasts longer over the years.

Capresso Infinity Plus coffee grinder

The famous movie detective Frank Drebin of Naked Gun might have said it best by saying I grind my own beans', but the fact is you can't beat a big tough grinder for making daily coffee. We reviewed it here. It's the perfect addition for those who drink a lot of coffee or don't want to bother with a handheld grinder. Either way, the Capresso has grinder settings that allow the metal burr grinder to shave and shape coffee beans automatically.

You can select as many as 16 different grind settings that all produce the perfect-sized grind for better-brewed coffee. The clear hopper will hold upwards of 11 ounces of coffee beans and will produce 4 ounces of coffee grounds at a time. If you enjoy quiet in the morning, this machine is surprisingly silent and will not sound like you're trying to wake up the neighborhood.

This does need to be plugged in and does need periodic cleaning of smaller grains if you use it a lot. This is easy if you shake it over the sink without the lower hopper to remove any fine sediment from building up. You can troubleshoot ideas from honest folks who found ways to keep their machine clean.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Coffee Mug

Not such a gimmicky idea after all when you think about it when you want to keep your coffee perfectly hot for a length of time. Ember was the first to think up this neat idea for a tabletop coffee cup warming plate that connects through a smartphone to control the temperature settings. It also sits on a warming plate that can be recharged with a simple USB cable on your computer.

The main problem with the earliest Ember mugs was simply obvious design flaws such as battery life, ceramic coatings coming off too soon, and so on. Still, it remains a huge hit with tech-head fans who like the ability to control the heating function on their coffee. Let's call it mind over matter for those who happen to like their coffee to stay hot. Keep in mind, that moderation will make this temperature-controlled mug last longer.

It's still a work in progress and will make a great gift if you find the newest smart mugs in stock. As you can see from the range of issues the previous customers all have, these will surely be fixed with the newest improvements soon enough.

Stanley Classic Travel Mug for coffee

It's either a very attractive camping thermos or the ideal solution for French Press coffee on the go. In fact, this oversize coffee container is ideal for serious coffee drinkers who want to drink 16 ounces of coffee at a time. For friends who are students, they'll love how easy it is to make French Press coffee on the go that stays nice and hot up to 4 hours afterward. It also has a dual lid that features a coffee sipper flip lid and a standard unscrewable lid. See the testing and results of our favorite camping presses here.

Stanley is a well-known thermos maker that's been around forever, but this innovation for creating a French Press design takes them to the next level. The filter system ensures there is no sediment in your coffee and is equally easy to clean. It's easy enough to hand wash but luckily it is dishwasher safe for those who want to toss it into the machine instead. If you aren't using the French Press filter it will hold more coffee inside the thermos.

Fans of this French Press travel mug are often impressed with the versatility that comes with owning one of these. If you're short on ideas, you can find out how many more ways this thermos can be used, making it a versital gift.

Secura French Press (34 oz) coffee maker

When we tested this French press, we loved its elegant design, better yet, it preformed better than most of the presses we looked at. It has three different sizes to select from. These include a 17, 34, and 50-ounce pot which features a very smart filtering system. This model includes a three-layer filter system to keep sediment from getting into your finished coffee. It can be placed on any conventional hot plate and warmed up to the desired temperature before adding your coffee grounds.

After this, the filter is inserted and does the rest to push the grounds to the bottom of the kettle. The design also features insulated outer layers and a cool-touch handle for pouring the coffee. What's even more attractive is that it comes with additional screens to refine your coffee how you like. It's also dishwasher safe so it can be cleaned either by hand or within a kitchen dishwasher.

Even if this is the last French Press you want to buy as a gift, it's still one of the best-priced models that consistently works based on reliable results and customer response.

Bialetti Moka Pot (6 Cup) coffee maker

The one and only Bialetti Moka Pot is a traditional favorite for most of Europe but is slowly getting plenty of attention in the US. It's a very simple design that is perfect for any kitchen and is pretty hard to get bad results using a Moka pot. All you need is to add water up to the fill line and then add the coffee grounds. The rest of the process produces espresso-like tasting coffee through high pressure. Read more here on brewing with this age-old device.

Each of the Moka pots comes with a special pressure release valve that prevents any mistakes, but it's the retro appearance that draws in fans of this coffee maker. The Moka pot also makes an excellent addition for those who like camping or going on trips. Because it's portable, it will work on a small stovetop flame or hot pad all the same. Many of the original pots came in a silver or metal finish, but this one has an iconic fire engine red finish.

As far as simplicity, the Moka pot is completely foolproof for making great coffee, it's the perfect gift for any coffee novice you may know. Clever fans have embraced the Moka pot with smart tips on how to make the perfect cup every time.

Contigo Stanless Steel Travel Mug (16 oz) coffee

Finding a decent travel mug can be a difficult task if you're looking for two important factors. The first is one with a very good seal, and the second is keeping coffee nice and hot for at least 6-7 hours. It seems that Contigo has created a travel mug that has both of these features and works better than most of the competition. If you like portability and cutting-edge design, this is one gift that worth checking out.

The only major fault that can make this travel mug a nightmare is the attention to cleaning which should involve generous soaking for the top lid. The instruction gives very clear info on how it needs to be cleaned but many of the complaints occur when you add creamer and sugar into your coffee which junks up the top lid assembly. Aside from that, it can be cleaned easily enough but isn't recommended for the dishwasher at all.

You can check the customer reviews for more cleaning tips which show how many have solved minor problems. For the price, it's worth every penny for having a combination thermos with a spill-proof vacuum lock.

Driftaway Coffee Subscription (3mo 11oz) gift

Don't you wish there was a sample package that you could put together with all kinds of coffee beans from exotic places from all over the world? Well, there are kits like this but not so many of them have an ethical promise to help independent coffee growers benefit. This gift sampler gives any coffee fan a chance to try world-class coffee to see which ones they like so they can order directly for all of their favorite flavors.

This initial starter kid includes a generous sample of fruity, balanced, bold, and classic whole beans that come from all over the planet. After this, it's just a matter of which beans you want to be ordered directly from Driftaway Coffee. Rather than spend hours searching through specialty coffee stores, this is one sample kit that is truly a gift in itself. Since these are beans that are sustainably grown, there is no worry of excess pesticides or poor quality beans.

Many of these types of coffee all have a different character and all tell an amazing story where they are from. New fans of this coffee subscription have plenty of praise for the amazing coffee they provide.

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker gift

The latest word on cold brew coffee starts with having the right setup. We've found one that is pretty impressive and allows you to steep coffee at your coffee for 12 to 24 hours. It comes with a steeping chamber that holds your coffee grounds and water. There's a cool release switch that lets the finished cold brew drain into a larger chemistry beaker. It's not actually a real chemistry beaker but is branded with the OXO logo on the top.

There is a bit of gimmick to adding water into the brewing chamber which drains through holes around the lid. Seemingly it allows the water to distribute itself over the coffee grounds without disturbing it too much. In reality, this isn't going to matter when it comes to cold brew coffee but is entertaining to watch it rain down in little droplets until the chamber is full.

The overall results that you can get from this cold brew coffee maker all have a good response from those who enjoy cold brew coffee. The felt filter inside the draining chamber does need to be changed fairly often though.

Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker Gift

This is perhaps the most quirky of all the coffee gifts you might decide to get for anyone, but think of the fun they'll have with it! It's pricy to buy nitro brew coffee at specialty coffee shops, not to mention not being able to control what the coffee flavor could end up tasting like. Nitro coffee is on the extreme end of specialty coffee anyway, so a nitro maker like this is a great example of how coffee can be served at home.

It works by using regular coffee, cold-brewed coffee, or any brewed coffee you like that's added to the storage chamber. Then you close the tap and add a nitrogen capsule to make the nitro brew coffee. There are a couple more steps that make this a bit more complete but the result is coffee infused with nitrogen gas that makes the coffee turn out thicker and richer just like you see with Nitrogen-brewed beer like Guinness Stout.

Big fans of Nitro brew will also chime in their best advice for finding nitrogen cartridges and recipes. It might not be everyone's favorite flavor of coffee but will compliment anyone who loves to be different.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Gift

Are you looking for the ultimate coffee gift that is going to amaze everyone this year? How about this exclusive Breville espresso machine that's as professional as it gets unless perhaps you buy a professional coffee shop level machine for thousands of dollars. This is a bargain for craftsmanship and controls grinding levels, water pressure, and precision espresso extraction.

If you or a friend is a real stickler for tasty espresso, this professional quality machine is the ultimate choice. The real trick is that whoever is using this machine does need to know a bit about how the professional espresso makers work before using it. Unlike other home espresso machines, it's not an automatic push-button function for making the coffee by itself. But for the true lover of gourmet espresso or espresso based drinks, it will be a true blessing gift idea for sure.

Reviews of this espresso machine are pretty dedicated to those who have taken a bold step into real espresso coffee making. It's worth reading some of the incredible experiences that many of them have to say about using this humble little gem.