DeLonghi EC155 Review










Coffee Taste



  • Makes a great tasting coffee
  • Comes with milk capabilities


  • A little noisy initially
  • Durability is a concern

When it comes to the Delonghi EC155 coffee espresso machine, you get what you pay for. With this classic coffee espresso maker, you can’t go wrong. There are many coffeemakers on the market that will dispense mediocre quality coffee. Furthermore, there aren’t many options for half the money you would spend on this one. But if you ask me, they won’t do you a favor. Moreover, with the Delonghi EC155 you get quality that can’t easily be found. Learn more with our EC155 espresso machine review below.

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Delonghi EC155 Features

This simple coffee brewer is the perfect home or office appliance to make coffee. Especially since it imitates the professional espresso machines that will cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention, all the money you will save from commercial coffee and Starbucks.

Dual Spout

The dual spout on this espresso coffee machine can extract two espresso shots simultaneously with simple brewing process. Way better than a one cup coffee maker. Additionally, it lets you move on with your day in just a few seconds. That’s right, way better than your single serve coffee option! This machine dispenses a double espresso shot with no extra time, no hassle and no excess cleaning and descaling. This home espresso machine is definitely worth having on your kitchen countertop.  

delonghi ec155 cups

15-bar Pressure Pad

Small and simple, yet equipped with high-end technology that will make your coffee, rich, creamy and delicious. The 15-bar pressure pad will have you feeling like a real barista in no time. This pump extracts the best espresso crema. You will dazzle your family and friends with the mesmerizing aroma that will fill your entire home. Steaming and frothing milk is a breeze.

Ease of use

This coffee espresso machine requires minimal amount of time to set it up, thanks to the three-button system. Moreover, you don not have to be an avid espresso enthusiast to use this machine. Anyone can understand and brew espresso drinks. Almost all of its parts are removable including the reservoir. This makes it easy to clean and descale. Made from stainless steel, its durability is here to stay and serve you for many years. Say goodbye to those commercial coffee shops for good and make yourself an exquisite hot beverage from home. Cappuccino drinkers may become quickly addicted to making espresso drinks with this machine.  

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Rounding up the Delonghi EC155 Review

As mentioned above, with this Delonghi, you get what you paid for with your cup of coffee. Even though its compact features aren’t filled with ultra modern technology, like some higher-end home brewers, you won’t go wrong. All things considered, utilizing the hot milk steaming like a professional and extracting a perfect cup of espresso drinks without much effort sells even the most frugal users. Whether you are a huge coffee fan or just need something to get your through the day quickly, the best home espresso machine may just be a touch away.

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