DeLonghi EC220CD Review

Delonghi EC220CD










Coffee Taste



  • Quick to start up and heat water
  • Built-in tamper works well and is convenient


  • Not enough pressure from the 15 bars
  • Durability concerns, DeLonghi does not sell parts for this model

Many of you that are visiting this page are fans of authentic espressos and cappuccinos. So why is there still a single serve, one cup coffee maker in your kitchen? The Delonghi EC220CD might be the perfect home espresso machine for you. The brewing process and 15-bar pressure brewing system make up for delicious, fresh espresso drinks and other hot beverages. This Delonghi espresso machine comes with a three-button system. As a matter of fact, this allows for easy programming and setup to custom brew any beverage you desire when you want it. With this machine, your settings are completely programmable. Not to mention, the sleek, modern design of this brewer will fit beautifully on any kitchen countertop.

Features of the Delonghi EC220CD

2 in 1 Filter Holder

In fact, there are many features that make this particular home espresso machine unique. The Crema Filter Holder happens to be one of those features that are especially useful. This gives your brewer the ability to extract espresso from the Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) Pods and ground coffee. So grab two cups and get brewing! Furthermore, whether you are a coffee enthusiast with your own stash of coffee beans, or you just want a quick cup of coffee, you’re in luck. This feature of the Delonghi EC220CD gives a certain flexibility that not many espresso coffee machines can offer.

Stainless Steel Boiler with 15-bar Pump

This compact espresso brewer is equipped with a revolutionary 15-bar pump. This means the brewer is extracting creamy and delicious cups of brew at the premium pressure and temperature. The taste is to die for. The brewing process is very unique. Though, it does take a few seconds to initially brew, it dispenses one of the most authentic, perfect cups of espresso coffee drinks.

Cappuccino Frother

delonghi ec220cd frother in action

This brewer is affordable and relatively small. On the other hand, it’s equipped with everything you’ll ever need for your daily caffeine fix. This brewer comes with a milk frother. Therefore, you can make rich and creamy cappuccinos or lattes effortlessly. Moreover, all the parts are easily removable. This makes cleaning and descaling a piece of cake. In fact, this allows you to spend more time enjoying your morning espresso at home. Refills anyone?  

Rounding up the Delonghi EC220CD Review

All things considered, this home espresso machine is a great addition to any kitchen. Not only is it sleek, but it is considered to be one of the best and more affordable machines on the market. If you don’t mind the extra money, you can purchase a fully automatic or super automatic machine. However, this brewer can perform just as well for the fraction of the cost.

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