Delonghi ESAM3500 Review










Coffee Taste



  • Makes great tasting coffee at a push of a button
  • Beautiful design


  • Noisy, but what do you expect with a built in grinder

The Delonghi ESAM3500 Review is a machine for those avid espresso drinkers! Prepare to be your own personal barista at home with this one of kind appliance from Delonghi. This luxury coffee espresso machine is similar to commercial espresso machines that cost thousands of dollars. Of course, this brewer’s patented “cappuccino system” extracts the most foamy, tasty cappuccinos. Additionally, this versatile machine caters to all coffee lovers and drinkers on every spectrum. The best espresso machine is only a click away. You can’t beat the quality and extraction brewing process. The process of frothing milk and extracting espresso shots is effortless. Let’s dive in to the Delonghi ESAM3500 espresso machine review to see if it’s for your kitchen.

delonghi esam3500 closeup

Delonghi ESAM3500 Features

The espresso cappuccino maker doesn’t come cheap. This is because of the cutting edge technology and impeccable ergonomics built inside of it.

Patented “Cappuccino System”

As a matter of fact, with a perfect mixture of milk and steam, this state of the art milk frother can extract the most rich cup of cappuccino you have ever tasted. The creamy milk froth will have you coming back for more. The microfoam extracted from this brewer is hard to beat.

Easy to Use Technology

The panel is self-explanatory and simple to use. In fact, it consists of a few buttons to help you with your options in brewing your cup of coffee. It can be configured to start brewing with just the push of a button. Which brings us to the “Direct-to-Brew” system.

delonghi esam3500 almost side shot

Patented “Direct-to-Brew” System

The patented “Direct-to-Brew” System gives you the option to grind the coffee beans and make a cup of coffee by just clicking one button. Just choose your strength and brew away.


The only drawback in this coffeemaker we found is the single spout that doesn’t allow for more than one coffee to be brewed simultaneously. Moreover, the taste is undoubtedly among the best you can find. However, if you need a two cup espresso brewer, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Finishing up the Delonghi ESAM3500 Review

All things considered, this ESAM3500 by Delonghi is a delight to have in any home/office. The verdict comes to only one thing. Of course, if you’re okay with spending a bit more on a coffee maker, it’s an excellent choice. Furthermore, it will make an excellent addition to any home kitchen or office.

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