8 Reasons French Press is the Best Way to Make Coffee

Here at Voltage Coffee, we absolutely love the french press method. That said, many of our friends and family are reluctant to try it. Here, we’ll explain why the french press is the best way to make coffee.

french press vs drip coffee breakdown

If you haven’t tried it before, we highly suggest reading our beginner’s guide to the french press.

What is French Press Coffee Anyway?

French Press coffee is a method that mixes coffee grounds with hot water in a glass or metal cylinder. Instead of drip coffee or K-Cup makers, the grounds mix directly with the water and steep for around four minutes. Due to this direct contact, you get essential oils using the french press method.

filling kona french press is the best way to make coffee
Filling our french press with 200 degree hot water. Be sure not to use boiling water, it will burn your beans!

If you are already a french press connoisseur, this article will help you convert friends and family. Here, we’ll highlight the top 8 reasons french press is the best way to make coffee. We’re sure there’s more, please email us with any other suggestions!

French Press Coffee Tastes Great

Maybe most importantly, people love the unique taste of french press coffee. If you haven’t tried it before, it is much bolder. The main reason it’s bolder is because french press method leaves behind essential oils that other methods don’t capture.

This is especially important when picking out new types of beans. Whichever type of coffee you like, the taste will be amplified using a french press. I prefer darker beans, especially beans where you can see the oil all over the beans. Using the french press, you get more of the pure coffee taste than any other method.

French Press Coffee is Cheaper than other Methods

With most coffee methods, you need a ton of extra add-ons. Paper filters are a necessity in most drip coffee and pourover methods. Let’s not even talk about Keurigs, any owner will know k-cups are a massive ripoff!

With the french press, the only gear you need is the french press itself and the ground coffee. We do suggest both a grinder and a kettle, but both can be purchased for cheap. After you have all the gear, there’s no ongoing purchases you need to make in order to make great-tasting coffee. This is a huge advantage for the french press.

French Press Takes Less Time and Easier to Clean

French Press is easier than waiting around for drip coffee to brew. If you’ve ever done a pourover, the french press also takes much less time as well. With the french press, you only need to load in the water and let it steep for 3-4 minutes.

This is much easier than the drip method. With drip coffee you have to clean the old filter, put in a new one, load the machine with water, and more. For people like us who are busy and strapped for time in the morning, the french press is a relief! Another aspect we like is that the french press takes less thought than other methods. If your brain doesn’t turn on until you’ve….had your coffee, the french press may make your mornings more enjoyable.

Along with taking less time to make coffee, it’s also easier to clean up than other methods. Most of the time, we just clear out the cylinder and mesh filter with water and soap. After that, it can dry on its own. If it’s especially dirty, most french presses are also dishwasher safe! This is much easier than other methods that can be difficult to clean small crevices. Another great reason french press is the best way to make coffee.

Better if You’re On-the-Go

If you need to scramble in the morning, a french press travel mug may be your lifesaver. With these, you can use the same press to make your coffee and bring it with you. Then, you can cut out the four minutes it takes to brew, and press the plunger once you’re in a car or on a subway. Not bad!

If you travel often for work or pleasure, you may be sick of paying too much money for Starbucks or local cafe’s. There is an entire class of small french presses that are good for a suitcase or carry on. These are much easier to pack than any normal coffee maker.

If you lead more of an outdoor lifestyle, you may be wondering how to get great coffee while camping. The french press is a great solution! We’ve reviewed a number of french presses that are durable and portable for the woods or a festival.

French Press Coffee is Healthier

Since french press coffee tastes better, we’ve found fewer people add cream or sugar to their coffee. Folks we know that added both to their drip coffee have been able to cut calories by using a french press.

In addition to reducing reliance on fattening additives, french press coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine. Caffeine is good for more than just waking you up in the morning, it also has surprising health benefits. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an article with some recent findings. They found that seniors who consumed a lot of caffeinated beverages lowered their cardiovascular and heart disease risk significantly. This is in direct opposition to a Harvard professor who claims there may be a risk by drinking french press coffee.

Also, caffeine consumption has been linked with lowering your risk of neurological impairment. The Biochemical Society Transactions has found a correlation between drinking caffeine and delaying brain decline in old age. More specifically, caffeine was linked with a reduction in dementia and alzheimer’s rates.

You may be wondering “Aren’t those just general benefits of coffee and caffeine? What about french press benefits?” This is valid, and there are findings for french press health benefits in particular.

The essential oils found in french press coffee we mentioned earlier? The scientific name for those are chlorogenic acid lactones and lipophilic antioxidants. They’re both present in french press coffee, and they were recently found to strengthen your brain neurons. This is according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

French Press Takes Up Less Kitchen Space

If you live in a major city like New York or San Francisco, you’re probably low on kitchen space. Even if you’re in a smaller city, most people don’t like their appliances to take up all of their cutting and prep space. One of the biggest advantages of the french press is that it’s small and can be packed into a cupboard. Compare that with a massive Keurig or drip coffee machine, and you’ll love the difference in size.

Your French Press can make Hot Brew or Cold Brew

Last but not least – WE LOVE COLD BREW! The french press is undoubtedly the easiest way to make cold brew the night before. This makes the french press an incredibly versatile, multi-season device. You can make hot coffee throughout the winter months, and cold brew when the weather heats up. Or, if you live in Boston, you can just drink cold brew year round!