Gaggia Brera Review










Coffee Taste



  • Space-saving size
  • Very customizable


  • Plastic parts give it a minor 'cheap quality' feel
  • Power-on/cleanup can sometimes be messy

The Gaggia Brera is designed for all varieties of coffee brewers who want the best espresso cups. If you want a brewer with all the best programmable options and features, you may be on the right page. Additionally, this machine brews coffee from the best looking hardware. Furthermore, it is available for lower than a realistic price. That almost sounds like seeing a unicorn, breakdancing with a leprechaun, on Christmas Eve, with your eyes closed.  Gaggia says they are delivering this kind of magic with the Brera. Sounds a bit too good to be true for us.  Ultimately, we did a little digging to see for ourselves . Keep on reading below to see what we found.

Gaggia Brera At First Sight

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Let’s face it, “size does matter” really depends on context. If we’re talking about limited counter space, size absolutely matters. You are already off to a good start if you happen to be in the boat where you don’t have counter space for days. In my opinion, the Brera does not compromise function in any way. It is a smaller machine, but it does not get bullied by its competition. But before we get into hardware details, there’s still a bit left to mention regarding its looks. What we are working with is a chic automatic coffee companion. The design is sleek from the stainless steel to black and chrome accents.

..Sneaky Sneaky, Gaggia..

We almost let it slip past us, but the sides are actually made of plastic (with a solid portion of the machine in general being made of plastic). That is probably how they were able to reduce the price, but more on that later. It’s still very very easy on the eyes. This mini Gaggia looks like it could’ve been a much larger machine, shrunk by some object shrinker from the future. I’m sorry, I’m not that clever with figurative comparisons ok? Due to the size, you’re probably not fitting any larger glassware under the spout. However, you can adjust the spout, so who knows?

Rich Tasting Coffee, but how feature Rich?

The Brera has a running list of features and functions, designed to satisfy a wide array of brewer personalities.  In addition, it is a bean-to-cup machine. This means you are able to grind your own espresso beans. Meanwhile, they leave the flavor and intensity (for the most part) up to you. Conveniently enough, pre-ground coffee is also an option. If you have a brand or flavor you prefer, bypass the grinder altogether. Are you into macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, or any other milk-based mojo? Well, a Panarello steamer wand is included.  

In fact, this makes a fine supplement with minimal extra effort.  As a matter of fact, you have a (considerably) simple LED display to help with your customizations, with physical buttons alongside it to get you started with your next cup of espresso. No doubt , cleanup can get a little annoying. But, if you maintain the machine with regular descaling, there shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, everything is still easily accessible, mostly from the front of the machine. Additionally, plenty of energy saver tidbits keep your energy consumption low. Moreover, if you are worried about cleaning, you won’t need to until it tells you that maintenance is required.

a bit of subtle warning: when you turn it on, the system will go through a flushing process, and will often times spew out excess or residual water. Yuck no?

You Said Rich Tasting..

Bean to cup home espresso maker
Bean to cup, single serve espresso brewer.

The Gaggia Brera has a grip on temperature management. Therefore, if you set the temp right, you wont have to blow on your cup for an eternity, nor will you drink an ice cold brew. Furthermore, you’ll get the perfect cup of coffee combining the right coffee beans with the addition of the Mavea water filter. This high quality water dispenser filters the most refined water for your hot beverages. In my opinion, if you’re a flavored espresso drinker, use ground coffee.  As a matter of fact, this keeps it from having to get that feeling of a mixed flavor when using the coffee bean grinder.

Bottom Line on the Gaggia Brera

In conclusion, this home espresso machine is designed with the novice coffee brewer in mind. Meanwhile, this brewer is a great machine for the price.  Possibly, it could be one of the better espresso machines under 500 bucks. All things considered,, you’ll have to end up paying a little more for some quality espresso. No hard feelings, miniature Brera dude, you are quite impressive.  Ultimately, this machine deserves a nice countertop.

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