Gaggia Classic Review










Coffee Taste



  • Fairly priced for a semi-automatic espresso machine
  • The aluminum boiler brews your coffee faster than expected


  • A modest learning curve for getting the hang of this style machine
  • Single boiler = steaming and brewing separately

Espresso is one of my favorite drinks of all time. Dolce gusto, cappuccino, crema, you name it! However, I don’t always have time to go to a cafe every morning. Additionally, it can really add up going to Starbucks regularly for a cup of coffee! If you’re contemplating saving money and time one ounce at a time, consider buying a home espresso maker. Wondering if you can channel your inner barista? How do you get the best cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home? As a matter of fact, with a little practice, the best cup of espresso can be pumped right from your countertop! Moreover, with the right machine, high quality espresso can be easy to brew in your own home. I prefer using semi-automatic machine for espresso extraction even though there is a slight learning curve. This machine delivers quality and versatility. The ergonomics of the steam and boil function bring that exquisite cup of coffee to your kitchen table. Hopefully, our espresso machine review will shed some light on whether this Gaggia Classic is for you.

Gaggia Classic Review

What does it take to get a good cup of espresso?

Obviously, bean quality is important in brewing quality espresso. However, espresso machines that extract at the right temperature and pressure, play a vital role. This brewer has a single boiler, thus you have to steam and brew separately. Though, for a mid-range priced machine, the espresso quality is great and the milk frother performs exceptionally! As a matter of fact, the boiler is sturdy enough to pump your favorite espresso drinks time and time again. With an incorporated water filter, there is no need for a separate purchase. Basically, the aluminum boiler quickly brews your cup of espresso straight from the portafilter to your cup. In addition, this coffee brewer is capable of making up to 2 cups of espresso at once. Single shot or double shot is at the comfort of your own home is no problem.

Learning curve ahead!

Just like many other semi-automatic machines, there is a learning curve with this one. However, just read the manual and brew a few cups. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it! Though this machine comes with a milk steamer, it can brew a better espresso than latte or cappuccino. You will have that Vienna barista feel brewing that first espresso shot. You do not have to skip out on that microfoam. The steam function on the Gaggia Classic can brew some of the best tasting foam. Furthermore, cappuccino lovers will no doubt get addicted. If you do not mind the initial learning curve, you may believe this is one of the best espresso machines of all time. Especially those espresso and coffee connoisseurs. On the other hand, if you do mind learning curves, you may want to consider a fully automatic espresso machine.

2 cup home espresso maker
Make 1 or 2 cups of espresso simultaneously

Final Thoughts on Gaggia Classic Review

The versatility of the machine caters to all fresh coffee lovers. Thus, if you enjoy experimenting and learning, I would consider this machine. In my opinion, it delivers an excellent espresso at home without breaking the bank. Additionally, you will save so much time and money by brewing from home. Furthermore, this home espresso maker is sturdy and reliable, like many Italian products. All things considered, the perfect cup of espresso never tasted better and making coffee has never been so fun.

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