GSI Outdoors Espresso Maker Review – One of the Best Mini Espresso Makers

GSI Outdoors 4 Cup Stainless Mini Espresso Maker










Coffee Taste



  • Compact, well-made device that reflects a high degree of craftsmanship
  • Makes fantastic tasting espresso that rivals expensive coffee shops and cafe's
  • Stainless steel is extremely durable and ready for a camping or hiking trip


  • Device takes more than 90 seconds to brew coffee
  • Can spit hot water over stove at the end of brewing

When you’re at home, making coffee is usually second nature and part of a daily routine. There are even reports of sleepwalkers going into their kitchen and firing up a cup of Joe.

That begs the important question – what’s the best way to make coffee when you’re on the road? If you’re traveling on business, lugging your drip coffee maker on a flight is never feasible. Even more extreme, what’s the best coffee maker when camping? You can’t bring a glass french press in a backpack, it will break!

Luckily, GSI Outdoors is a smart company. They built their GSI Outdoors Espresso Maker with the “on-the-go” coffee enthusiast in mind. Today, we review the sample they provided to us and will give a verdict on whether you should purchase the item!

gsi outdoors espresso maker

Who is GSI Outdoors?

GSI Outdoors is one of the premier outdoor brands in the western United States. In 1985, three siblings from British Columbia made the trek down to San Diego and started the company. They don’t just focus on coffee gear, they focus on all sorts of outdoor kitchenware for the camping and hiking enthusiast. They are best known for their first product, blue enamel tableware.

Now based in Spokane, Washington and after producing thousands on items, they have ventured deep into coffee. They make excellent coffee gear that is ready for the trail, the tent, or the van. We’re reviewing the GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso coffee maker today.

GSI Outdoors Espresso Maker – The Benefits


The first thing we noticed when unpacking the espresso maker is its construction. It is made of pure stainless steel and is extremely durable.

It comes with two main parts and a funnel. The bottom is a stainless steel canister that holds the water. The second part is the funnel filter that slides into the bottom canister and has a filter on top. The filter is where you put the coffee grounds when you are ready to make espresso. The third and final piece is the shelf and spout that spits out the fresh espresso. When we say spits out, we mean it. While we love this GSI Outdoors espresso maker, it does tend to spit and sputter at the end of the cup.

All said, we found the coffee maker to be extremely durable and ready for anything! We could envision ourselves taking this device camping, to a festival, or business travel.

Coffee Taste

We found the coffee taste from the GSI Outdoors mini espresso machine to be absolutely fantastic. While it is not going to rival a commercial or high-end espresso machine with 12-16 bars of pressure, it holds it own! We found it to be one of the best options possible when camping or compared to more expensive drip coffee machines.

In multiple taste-testings, a friend of ours could not tell the difference between the GSI Outdoors maker and a Nespresso machine. While it’s not exactly a scientific survey, it was very impressive! This friend was able to tell a french press vs aeropress, so we know there’s some validity to their taste buds!

The GSI Outdoors coffee maker taste is excellent for such a small device, and even discerning coffee fans will be pleased.


Considering the design, build quality, durability, and coffee taste, this espresso maker is a great deal. Currently on Amazon, you can get the device for under $50 with two-day free shipping using Amazon Prime. We cannot recommend this machine enough if you are looking for great-testing espresso on a smaller budget.

Compared to espresso machines that are even twice the price, we think this machine has them beat. Unless we’re talking about high-end or commercial espresso machines, this maker holds its own. We highly recommend this device for any budget-conscious coffee lovers!

How to Use GSI Outdoors Mini Espresso Maker

  1. Fill the canister base with water up to the air hole
  2. Drop the metal funnel into the canister base
  3. Fill the funnel with finely ground coffee up to the first groove on the side
  4. Screw on the metal spout to the canister base
  5. Put the espresso maker over fire or on a stove (gas or electric work, gas is quicker)
  6. Heat on medium heat until the espresso starts to come out of the spout


We highly recommend the GSI Outdoors Espresso Maker for any coffee fans who need espresso on the go. Whether you’re camping, at a festival, or traveling, this espresso maker will serve you well. We found it durable, well-made, and capable of making a great tasting cup of joe!