How To Roast Coffee Beans At Home

Roasting coffee beans is probably the core factor that determines the taste of your morning brew.

When I got into this coffee thing, I often wondered that roasting coffee beans require a bulky roaster; it is expensive, time-consuming, difficult, bla…bla…bla…

coffee beans roast

But guess what…It is way easier than you think and you also don’t need a coffee roaster.

Roast Coffee Beans

While I have not worked at any coffee factory in my life but having a deep love and strong connection with coffee, I know how roasting works.

Without further ado, here is how to roast coffee beans at home. I’ve listed here three different methods. You can pick anyone you like.

Things Required

  • Green coffee beans
  • A pan or an oven or a popcorn machine
  • Wooden spoon
  • Airtight storage container
  • Metal colander
  • Cooking gloves for safety purpose
  • Patience!

coffee beans roast

It is ok to roast inside your home, but I’d recommend doing this outdoors, in the backyard. The smell of coffee bean roasting isn’t bad, but it lingers for a long time.

However, if you are doing indoor, it is better to maximize ventilation. Open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan.

1: Roasting Coffee Beans In A Pan

This is probably the easiest and quickest way of roasting coffee beans. It yields the best results, and the coffee brewed later on tastes delicious.

coffee beans roast pan

How To Roast?

Take the pan and place it on medium heat. The best temperature is 450F. It can be difficult, but you can experiment to find the best heat.

Next, add the green coffee beans. Place a layer of beans so they cover the pan and it is easier for you to stir it. Stirring must be continuous else the beans won’t get heated evenly.

Keep on stirring and wait for the first cracking sound. This will come after about 5 minutes. This is what we call a LIGHT ROAST.

If you want a light roast, then pour the beans in the metal colander else, keep on roasting them for another 6-7 minutes before they make another crack. This is what we call a MEDIUM ROAST.

At this point, you should dump them into the metal colander to cool them down. Make sure you have the cooking gloves to avoid any burns.

You can roast the beans for another 1-2 minutes if you need a DARK ROAST. I’d recommend sticking to medium roast. You may burn the beans in trying so.

Finally, leave the beans exposed for about 12 hours to de-gas. Store them in the airtight container, and you are all hooked up to grind and brew them.

Here is a video explaining the coffee bean color changes:

2: Roasting Coffee Beans In a Popcorn Machine

Before we start, it is important to know that a popcorn machine is made for popcorn, not for roasting beans. This will void its warranty!

coffee beans roast popcorn

How to Roast?

To begin, pre-heat the popcorn machine for 30 seconds.

Measure approx. ½ cup of green beans and pour them into the machine. Don’t overfill the popcorn maker else the beans won’t rotate properly. Best is to use the same quantity of beans as the machine recommended for corn kernels.

While the agitation should be perfect, I would recommend using the wooden spoon to stir manually. Have a lid on the top but give it a manual stir every minute.

The first crack should be around 3-5 minutes which is a light roast. The second crack will sound after another 6-8 minutes, but it may take up to 12 minutes, while for the dark roast it can take another minute or two.

However, after the second crack, pour the coffee beans in a metal colander and stir them using the wooden spoon.

Allow the beans to de-gas for 12 hours before you grind and brew.

3: Roasting Coffee Beans In An Oven

To roast in an oven, you need perforated oven tray. It is a bit tricky, but the final results are amazing.

coffee beans roast oven

How to Roast?

Pre-heat the oven at 500F.

With the cooking gloves on, spread the green beans over a perforated oven tray. Make sure they are not stacked.

Place the tray in the middle of the oven as it provides consistent temperature. Also, shake the tray as the beans roast.

The first crack will occur in 5-7 minutes, indicating a light roast. However, the second crack for a medium roast would take no longer than a minute and heat them for another 30 seconds will give you a dark roast.

Slide out the tray and immediately transfer the roasted coffee beans in the metal colander. Stir them with the wooden spoon and leave the beans exposed for 12 hours to de-gas.


  • Always store the roasted and de-gas beans in an airtight container
  • Make sure you wear the cooking gloves or oven mitts before roasting
  • Have proper ventilation

A very easy way of roasting coffee beans is using a coffee bean roaster. Here is an infographic that explains how to roast coffee beans in a coffee roaster.

coffee beans machine


A coffee roaster can cost between $50 and as much as $500.


I hope this guide was helpful.

Let me know which method worked out the best for you and don’t forget to share.

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