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Coffee Taste



  • Makes a variety of coffee drinks at a push of a button
  • Automatic self cleaning


  • Small water reservoir

Finding the perfect coffeemaker is not always an easy thing to do. The most important thing to know is what are you looking for upfront. Since you’re here, I’d say you have a general sense of what you want to buy. That is a high quality coffee machine that will serve you for years requiring zero energy. This machine will do just that. Making espresso doesn’t have to suck or take forever. So ditch the commercial coffee and extra coffee accessories and explore our take on the Jura Impressa A9 espresso machine review below. The best home espresso machine may just be a read away.

jura impressa a9 with frother

This IMPRESSA by Jura is a modern and reliable version of professional, old fashioned coffee machines that cost thousands of dollars. This brewer may cost you just a few bucks shy of the 1k, but you can be sure that it’s well worth the money. Tasty coffee and high-quality aside, this appliance is a delight to use. With a click of a button you will feel like you are ordering a drink from a fancy restaurant or coffee shop. The small touchscreen on the top of the machine lets you choose your drink, the strength, sugar, milk etc. Additionally, it will extract the best espresso drinks you have ever tasted for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, coffee temperature is not adjustable on this home brewer. However, Jura has a machine in their lineup where you can adjust the temperature of your coffee.

Jura A9 Features

Whether it’s the design, the flexibility and the range of options, durability, reviews etc., this coffeemaker excels in all.

Jura A9 Review Front


The touchscreen is one of the most fascinating things about this luxury espresso coffee machine. Not only is it the best and most precise way to get what you want, but it is a pleasure to work with. It will modernize your kitchen and wow your friends and family when they visit.

jura impressa a9 touchscreen

Professional Grinder

The Jura A9 is equipped with a professional grade grinder. This feature smoothly and quietly grinds your coffee beans. It is highly automated and easy to use, so you will have very little to do. With the new Jura grinder, this smart coffeemaker will grind your coffee in half the time and with half the noise as before.

Jura A9 Review Brew

Fine Foam Technology

Jura A9 has a fine foam technology that will make delicious, rich and creamy cappuccinos unlike you’ve ever seen. On top of that, you don’t need be a professional to do it. You can forget the hassle of the old fashioned frothers and milk, plus all the additional parts left to clean after the process. Steaming milk is enjoyable and easy with this machine.

Jura A9 Review Foam

Dual Spout

The dual spout on the coffee maker lets you brew two separate cups of coffee or just one at a time. They work simultaneously, so you can have your hot coffee extracted in just a few seconds. In addition, this machine guarantees the best espresso taste to perfection with 12 specialty options. With the help of the touchscreen, you will be able to choose your own Italian style coffee. Even better, you’ll have it ready in minutes. The milk frothing foam, sugar, and everything. The brewing process is unlike any other. This machine brews your custom perfect cup of coffee.

Jura A9 Review – Verdict

To sum up the Jura Impressa A9 Review, what more can be said about the Jura A9? It is THE coffeemaker to own and if you’re not against spending a bit more, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a delight to work with and a delight to drink from. The future is here and this coffee machine proves it. It has scored relatively well on the open market. It is simple in design, yet modern and eye catching. Ultimately, if you ask us, it is well worth the buy for one of the best home brewers in your kitchen.

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