Kou Tea Review – Best Weight Loss Tea

There are many types of teas out on the market these days.  Some provide stress relief; others are for helping your body to relax so you can sleep, but what about weight loss tea?  Does Kou tea really help to lose the weight?  Let’s take a dive in to this subject and see what we come up with.

What is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea is made up of a 4-ingredient tea blend using traditional and modern medicine that is supposed to help you lose weight naturally.  It is made and sold by RDK global, the same company that introduced Phen375, a popular weight loss supplement.  This specific brand of tea is made from 4 different teas:

  • Oolong Tea – This tea has Polyphenol in it. This particular ingredient does change the way your body regulates your fat metabolism process, while also pushing your body to release more energy from the stored fats in your system.  Oolong is also very high in caffeine, compared to the other teas in this mix.  This allows you to be more alert and have more mental energy throughout the day.
  • Pu-erh Tea – This tea helps fight cholesterol build up. It also improves your overall health and helps to reduce the strain of weight on your body.  This tea also helps to boost your metabolism and reduce stress.  When you are stressed, you tend to eat more, resulting in weight gain.  Pu-erh tea will help to curb the need to binge on foods.
  • White Tea – This tea has anti-oxidants in it, as well as weight loss properties. It’s also a very light tasting tea. Making it more enjoyable to drink than most.  Some of the teas are so strong in taste; a person has to add more sweetener, or sugar, to even make it taste good enough to actually drink it.  Therefore, throwing the weight loss plan right out the window.
  • Green Tea – This tea is one of the most popular in weight loss journeys. It is a strong antioxidant; which helps your body fight damaging radical compounds. Green tea has been linked to a process that helps your body reduce fat when storing excess calories. There has also been a very strong indication that it has mild appetite-suppressant qualities, which means drinking this tea regularly helps you to reduce the number of calories you consume on a given day.

The Miracle Tea

Kou Tea works in many different ways.  It’s a metabolism booster, appetite reducer and will support your body so you are healthier, from the inside out.  Taking care of the inside of your body; shows on the outside, every time.  Please keep in mind, this tea does have caffeine in it, so drinking it in the early evening is not a good plan.  I would start the day with this tea instead, making it easier to get things done during the day.   Also, please check any ingredients of things you eat/drink, as you may have an allergy to something in the mix.  If you do, find an alternative tea you can drink.

Is Kou a Traditional Chinese Tea?

Kou tea fields in china

The answer is no. Traditional Chinese teas and green tea do have great health benefits and have been documented as such.  It’s been proven that they do, in fact, improve your health and boost metabolism.  There are no side-effects with drinking this tea, other than the caffeine associated with it.  It’s not a good idea to drink this before bed because this blend is formulated to give you energy, not help you sleep.  You can also drink this tea hot or cold.  It all depends on your taste.  I like to have cold tea, especially during the warmer seasons.  Nothing tastes better than an ice cold drink!  You can even brew a gallon a head of time and keep it cold.  This will save you some time during the day if it’s already made and ready.

Pros and Cons

There are no pros or cons to this tea, other than you have to purchase it on line and the price.  No stores that I’ve been in carry this particular tea mixture.  I will have a link at the bottom for you to check it out.   It is more expensive than most teas, but the end results, with a good diet/exercise plan, will be well worth the money.  You don’t have to worry about taking diet pills, just 2 cups a day will do trick.  I would suggest one in the morning to get you going and one at lunch time to keep you going the rest of the day.

Not an instant weight loss miracle

man standing on weight machine

This tea is not an “over-night” miracle weight loss, as is nothing else on the market.  The results will vary with each person, how much they drink and the diet they follow.  Please always keep in mind; you have to also drink plenty of water while you are dieting.  Tea doesn’t count as water.  You also have to exercise to keep your body going down in weight; whether that is a full-blown workout or just a brisk walk.  Any exercise helps to reduce your weight as well.  I am not a runner, by any means, but walking does help me to keep the weight down.  Plus, walking is a lot easier on your legs and knees than running.  Even a half a mile a day, working up to a couple miles a day, will do wonders for your body, not to mention your mind.  Fresh air is a must.

Uniquely Blended Teas

Kou Tea is a very unique blend of 4 teas, as shown at the beginning.   Start this new diet plan with an open mind and a “can do” attitude.  Having a good attitude at the start of any diet is always a good thing.  Keep in mind; you won’t wake up 20lbs lighter the next day.  This will take some work on your part to get the weight off.  These teas will also keep your body healthy on the inside, which is very important, when it comes to accomplishing your goal.  This special tea blend is perfect for people that want a more natural way to lose weight, as opposed to taking diet pills.  Honestly, I think it’s safer too.  This works naturally with your body.

What were your results?

If you happen to try this unique blend and start to show results, we would love to hear about it.  Leave us a message and tell us about it.  We would love to celebrate with you!  Good luck on your journey to a healthier you!

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