La Pavoni PPG-16 Review








Coffee Taste


Ease of Use



  • Amazing tasting espresso
  • Beautiful Design


  • Fairly steep learning curve
  • Expensive

Even though there are some people who require a no-fuss, fully automatic coffee machine, there are others who want to enjoy the process of making an espresso coffee. A home barista often wants a good, consistent cup of espresso, every time they feel like it. Additionally, this can be a little difficult to achieve with a cheap coffee brewer.  Furthermore, a commercial espresso machine is usually better, but it isn’t too suitable for home use. Brands such as Saeco, Gaggia, Rancilio and DeLonghi, and even Jura, have quite an extensive range. However, they usually give you an automatic espresso machine, costing a pretty penny. However, there are other machines, for purists. Additionally, for those who aren’t in a rush, and can appreciate the process of making an espresso, and want to watch the extraction. For those, there are professional home espresso machines. In my opinion, they won’t make you much else, not a cappuccino, not a latte, but you can’t beat the espresso drinks coming out of them. For example, one such good coffee maker is the La Pavoni Professional espresso machine. It is a home espresso machine for the espresso lover, and if you take time to learn it, it will give back. Read on through this espresso machine review, and see if you should be ordering it.

la pavoni review

The details and specifications

The La Pavoni Professional is truly what its name suggests – a professional-style machine. The attractive chrome base looks great in plenty of environments. It has earned the nickname “chrome peacock”, and it is apparent why from the moment you see it. Operation is a bit tricky to learn, but well worth it in the end. You load up the filter basket, slightly heaping. Then, tamp down fairly hard. Lock it into place. Pull the lever up, taking around five seconds to do so. You will hear water entering the grouphead – that is when you open the gasket. Wait for around 10 seconds as it preinfuses. Afterwards, grasp the portafilter handle and steadily, slowly, pull down on the lever to dispense a fine brewed espresso. A good estimate would be that this takes up around 15 to 20 seconds to do. Go by the look and feel, not the time, once you get the hang of it. There you go – a well-made espresso. It is a different class from the commercial espresso made by a commercial espresso machine, but a purist will always prefer this taste. One thing you will come to learn is that with these machines, you don’t get them for the coffee – you get them for the experience. When you learn the process and you start to figure out all the details, you will be impressed at the quality of the shots that come out of this machine. In fact, since you preload the water, you get consistent water temperatures. There is also a consistent water pressure on the bed of the coffee, which also helps. As far as durability goes, this is not a machine that will break in a month. Its price indicates that, and the build quality only supports it.

Rounding up the La Pavoni review

As mentioned in the beginning, this isn’t something that will give you a cup of espresso with the press of a button. However, the coffee that you get is incredible.  As a matter of fact, it also gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the process of brewing coffee as well. At the end, you get a shot of espresso drink that you made yourself. Ultimately, this is undoubtedly something that purists will love. All things considered that is, after all, who this espresso machine is best suited for. This espresso coffee machine extracts the perfect shot of espresso or cup of quality coffee right in your own home.

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