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In plenty of households around the world, there is a fairly common problem among coffee lovers. As a matter of fact, some like drip brewed coffee. On the other hand, others in the same home love espresso drinks. For this reason, there is seemingly no solution to this problem. However, you do have three options. One, you get two coffee makers that leads to more money out your pocket. Not to mention, it is space consuming. Two, you get one coffee maker, very often one that prefers one type of coffee over the other. Or three, you choose one coffee maker, in a coin toss. However, there is now another solution. Fortunately, you will easily see how if you read on through this Saeco Minuto espresso machine review. By all means, there actually is a compromise. It doesn’t involve any kind of sacrifices. Of course, it all has to do with a simple switch.  This switch changes between high-pressure brewing and low pressure pulsing. This results in a mild, drip-like cup of coffee.

What is the Saeco Minuto?

Meanwhile, this coffee maker is made as a compromise solution for the problem mentioned earlier. Additionally, it performs and brews espresso shots pretty well. On the outside, it is all plastic. Compared to other machines, it is pretty small. As far as capacity goes, there is a 1.8 liter water tank reservoir. You can fill it either at the machine or by removing it. There is a 250 gram bean hopper. Furthermore, the coffee ground drawer is very easy to access.

saeco minuto review

Features of the Minuto

Coffee lovers will know that a machine that uses ground coffee is always preferable to one that uses capsules. As a matter of fact, the coffee making starts with a ceramic disc grinder. Additionally, you get five fineness adjustment settings, as well as a bypass doser. Here, you can use pre-ground coffee. The strength button adjusts the amount of coffee used for a brewing cycle. Moreover, there are five levels here, and you can fit a travel mug under the spout, for a big strong cup. There is also the option of making two cups at once. Just push any of the volume programmable buttons twice, and use the dual spouts. In addition, the Saeco Minuto has a built-in automatic milk frother. This function will dispense hot milk right into your glass. Furthermore, you just need to move the cup over, brew a shot of espresso, and you have an easy cappuccino. In fact, the easy to use menu system is also appreciated, with programming temperature levels, auto-off time, starting a descaling cycle etc. Moreover, all you need to do is remove the brew group to clean and descale the machine. Additionally, you need to rinse it under cool water once a week. Though it’s not a self cleaning and descaling machine, the process is simple.

Finishing up the Saeco Minuto Review

In conclusion, at the end of the day, the Saeco Minuto is a solution to a very common problem. And it does solve the problem, very well. It does quite a few things, and it does them pretty well. All things considered, operation and programming is pretty easy, and cleaning is a no-fuss as well. All in all, there’s little not to like, and a lot to love about it. In any case, espresso and coffee lovers will get addicted to this perfect cup of espresso at home.

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