Technivorm Moccamaster Review










Coffee Taste



  • Brews great tasting and hot coffee
  • Simple to use


  • No espresso features
  • No auto-start features

If you’re a coffee lover, you will want a coffee machine.  In fact, at some point in your life, you will figure out that making your own coffee is much better than buying one. After all, a home made cup of coffee, with your own coffee grounds, tastes just like you love it. In my opinion, every home barista should appreciate the potential coffee makers give him.  Furthermore, if you love brewed coffee, a coffee brewing machine gives you a lot of benefits. First, it gives you flexibility. Second, it gives you options. Third, it saves you money in the long run. However, buying a coffee machine can be difficult.

There are a lot of choices as far as a coffee maker goes, and a lot of things to remember. Even so, for someone who isn’t an expert, this can result in a costly mistake. To help you avoid this, below you will find our Technivorm Moccamaster review. It is a great coffee machine, with a lot of pros. As a part of the higher-end market, it is very simple, and people love that. It isn’t a programmable coffee maker, but the best coffee comes from simple machines without the potential of messing it up. Without much further ado, read on for our Moccamaster review, and see if you should be getting one. (Spoiler alert: yes, definitely get this coffee brewer.)

The Technivorm Moccamaster Review: Features

First of all, the Moccamaster is dead simple. Most of the high-end drip brewers are, they need to work well without any unnecessary gimmicks, and it does indeed work well. You won’t find programmability, and you won’t find any automation. However, you will find technical excellence. The included dual-wall stainless steel carafe makes sure your coffee stays hot for up to 5 hours. There are also two lids included, one a graduated brewing lid, and the other a locking lid, both for different functions. There’s also a techno-mechanical switch that interrupts the brewing process in case the carafe has been removed.

Water Temperature

The main ingredient with ideal coffee is water temperature. For a remarkable coffee, the grinds should be steeped in water that is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Plenty of lower end machines struggle with this. However, the Moccamaster will stay between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, the whole time, every time. Fortunately, this is due to the stunningly powerful, 1000-watt heater, and the insulated hot water siphon. And, this is what sets the Technivorm Moccamaster apart from everything else. Once the water is heated sufficiently, it doesn’t touch plastic anymore. This is a very important point, and oversight might mean that the coffee has that plastic flavor that low-end brewers have. Of course, with this you get pure coffee.

The showerhead nozzle will also give even coverage, as well as saturation, resulting in an ideal extraction. Many competitors choose large, round showerheads, the small, rectangular one of the Moccamaster has no problems keeping up. One more important advantage over competitive high-end products is the fact that it brews up to 1.8L, or 12 cups, per batch. Presumably, others usually only go up to 8, possibly 10. For smaller batches, there is flow control on the filter basket. This solves the problem of under-extraction, and you can choose between keeping the flow unabated, or reducing it by 50%, or even shutting it off completely.  

Aesthetics of the Technivorm Moccamaster

Aesthetically, at first glance it looks very primitive. Nothing more than cones and rectangles. However, going in closer gives you a lot of details, and you start to notice the attention to detail. The progression of the component size resembles a Fibonacci series, beginning at the smallest foot, finishing at the main column.  In addition, the Technivorm logo placement is off-center, yet extremely satisfying. Moreover, the water reservoir has five distinct graduations. The glossy black filter cone has a subtle crescent of matte. All of these things are details that were crafted with care. In fact, everything belongs, and any change to the design could throw things off balance.  Ultimately, there aren’t any elements wasted, even though the balanced, minimalist design remains mostly unchanged since the Moccamaster’s premier in the 1970s.

technivorm moccamaster review
Awesome drip coffee maker that brews great tasting coffee in a carafe

Build quality

To be honest, this aluminum beast is assembled in the Netherlands, and presents the embodiment of brewer engineering. Upon closer inspection, you will find that everything, every small component, from the top to the bottom, both looks and feels very solid. The asymmetrical base is extremely sturdy, and the only button is solid. You will find seamless welding as well. Every removable component, from the showerhead bar, to the filter basket and the water reservoir lid, locks back into place perfectly and effortlessly. As a result of exquisite machining, both of the carafe lids seamlessly tighten to the neck, offering minimal resistance.

Rounding up the Moccamaster review

When you take everything into consideration, the Technivorm Moccamaster is incredible. For this reason, it is a true representative of the high-end market.  Not to mention, no gimmicks, no fiddling, and no automation. Pure, simple coffee. All things considered, this machine is a great one indeed. With a relatively high price tag, some might find it hard to justify buying one. However, if you’re a coffee purist, you won’t regret it.

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