Types of Coffee – Every Popular Type of Coffee throughout the World

Coffee has a little something for everyone, from black and bitter to light and sweet. When it comes to making, or ordering a coffee that’s just right for you, it helps to have a basic understanding of various types of coffee.

Chances are, even the most passionate coffee lovers won’t taste every style and type of coffee in their lifetime. However, knowing what’s out there will make tasting, ordering, and preparing coffee a much better experience.

This coffee guide is dedicated to understanding the basics, as well as an in depth look, of each type of coffee throughout the world.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Coffee.

Types of Coffee
Types of Black CoffeeTypes of Milk-Based CoffeesTypes of Cold CoffeesTypes of Exotic Coffees
EspressoFlat WhiteCold Brew CoffeeKopi Luwak
DoppioCappuccinoJapanese Iced CoffeeGeisha Coffee
AmericanoCaffe BreveIrish Coffee
Drip CoffeeMacchiato
Pour Over CoffeeLatte Macchiato
Long BlackMocha
Immersion Coffee
AeroPress Coffee
Instant Coffee
Turkish Coffee

Black Coffee


Here’s one that we all know. This type of coffee is any combination of water and coffee with no added flavors (cream, milk, or honey). 

Espresso coffee circled


The Italian Diva among coffees made by forcing high-pressure steam through grounded coffee beans. Result? Thick coffee texture with a delicious foam on top.

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Doppio coffee circled


Meaning “double” in Italian is a simple double espresso shot and it is made by coffee passing through the portafilter with a double spout.

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Ristretto coffee circled


This is a type of a so-called “short” espresso. It is made just like a regular espresso but using half the amount of water.

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Americano coffee circled


Whoever prefers a bit lighter texture of espressovoilà! Americano is a weaker espresso with a more substantial amount of water, served in a big coffee cup.

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Drip coffee circled

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is a strong one made during a slow process of dripping boiling water over ground coffee.

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Pour Over coffee circled

Pour Over Coffee

An authentic piece of art!  This type of coffee is made by continuously refreshing the water surrounding the grounded coffee. Three phases of this process add to the unique taste and quality of the coffee.

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Long Black coffee circled

Long Black

A stronger version of Americano is made by pouring two shots of espresso over a small amount of water.

Immersion coffee circled

Immersion Coffee

A joy that makes time to make – this type of beverage is made by dipping the grounds into boiling water where they steep for some time. This makes the final taste richer.

AeroPress coffee circled

AeroPress Coffee

A peculiar taste of this type of coffee is accomplished by using a special device. By placing a paper filter in the tube, coffee is steeped for about one minute and then pressed through the filter with a plunger.

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instant coffee circled

Instant Coffee

Easy & quick – this coffee is made by simply pouring the desired amount of hot water over the coffee powder and stirring until dissolves.

Turkish coffee circled

Turkish Coffee

Traditional Turkish Coffee is prepared in a pot called dzezva (cezve). The water is heated in the pot until it boils, then the ground coffee is put inside. After steering a bit, it is often quickly reheated just to get an extra cream on the top. Remains of the coffee powder will stay in your cup as the coffee is not filtered.

Milk Based Coffee

milk base coffee

These types of coffees are perfect for consuming in the afternoon or evening hours due to the lower concentration of acidity and caffeine. Milk just ads an extra touch.

Flat White coffee circled

Flat White

This is, Ladies and Gentlemen, very much consumed beverage, consisting of espresso with a lower amount of steamed milk that acts as a side taste.

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Cappuccino coffee circled


Famous coffee with even more iconic crema contains 1/3 of espresso and the same measure of foamed milk and steamed milk. One of the better known Coffee Drink Recipes is the cappuccino and consists of espresso 1 ounce (25-30ml), which is then topped with frothed hot milk in a 5 ounce (150ml) tall glass or mug. The name stems probably from the Capuchin friars meaning “small cap” and refers to the perfect shade of brown color of their habits.

Latte coffee circled


Latte is coffee where milk takes over the stage, dominating over the taste of espresso. We could say it’s a form of Cappuccino with more milk.

Caffe Breve coffee circled

Caffe Breve

This is an American version of Latte and it is made of ¼ espresso, ½ steamed milk and ½ milk foam. Steamed milk is there to add the volume of the foam.

Macchiato coffee circled


Italian word meaning mottled. A simple one – an espresso shot with a dash of milk. Or if you want to be a little more exact: 1 ounce (25-30ml) with a dash of frothed milk in a small cup 1.6 – 2 ounce (50-60ml).

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Latte Macchiato coffee circled

Latte Macchiato

If we would translate it from Italian, the meaning gives us a unique name – stained milk. Latte Macchiato is a glass of milk that you stain by pouring espresso over it. It is served in a tall glass, where all the layers are visible – milk on the bottom, espresso in the middle and foam on the top.

Mocha coffee circled


We get this magic by adding foamed milk to espresso and an additional flavor on the top. It is usually choco syrup or cocoa powder sprinkled with cinnamon. You can always play with aromas of all kinds.

Cold Coffees


We can call it two in one – a refreshing drink as well as coffee. These coffees are either brewed cold or made hot and later on cooled with cold milk, ice, or ice cream.

Cold Brew coffee circled

Cold Brew Coffee

This is an excellent choice for anyone who prefers lower levels of caffeine in their coffee. It takes a bit more time to make this type of drink, as the ground coffee is mixed with cold water and left overnight in the fridge. After that, the mixture is strained and served.

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Japanese Iced coffee circled

Japanese Iced Coffee

The trick with this one is ice! The process includes brewing the coffee in hot water and straight after pouring the ice over it – fast contact with ice releases the flavors that usually take hours to be extracted.

Exotic Coffees


Kopi Luwak coffee circled

Kopi Luwak

One of the most expensive coffees in the world comes from the intestines of a cute Asian animal – palm civet. They eat coffee cherries that ferment during digestion and later on are collected by farmers.

Geisha coffee circled

Geisha Coffee

Currently, one of the most exotic, insanely expensive coffees in the world comes from Ethiopia. Last year it reached a price of $803 per pound! It is believed it is so valuable due to the very complicated procedure of cultivation of the plant it comes from. This coffee has a flowery, fruit-like flavor, often with a hint of mango, guava, papaya, or citrus. 

Affogato coffee circled


We could easily call this coffee a trait. It is actually a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass with a shot of hot espresso poured over it. It can, also, be served with a shot of amaretto.

Irish coffee circled

Irish Coffee

A divine mix of coffee, whiskey and sugar – this is what Irish Coffee is.

Making Types of Espresso Coffees

cafe macchiato

Caffe macchiato

(Italian word meaning mottled)
Espresso coffee 1 ounce (25-30ml) with a dash of frothed milk in a small cup 1.6 – 2 ounce (50-60ml).

cappuccino with swan


One of the better known Coffee Drink Recipes is the cappuccino and consists of espresso 1 ounce (25-30ml), which is then topped with frothed hot milk in a 5 ounce (150ml) tall glass or mug.

The name stems probably from the Capuchin friars meaning “small cap” and refers to the perfect shade of brown color of their habits.

cafe corretto

Caffe corretto

(from the Italian meaning corrected or proper).
Here an espresso is “corrected” with a shot of grappa brandy. Hence the name.

cafe latte

Caffe latte

This milk coffee is often drunk for breakfast in a tall glass or mug. It consists of a double espresso topped with hot milk. Frothed milk is seldom use.

caffe lungo

Caffe lungo

(from the Italian word meaning long or stretched).
An “extended” espresso using twice the amount of water for the same amount of coffee, therefore stretched.

buon caffe

Caffe ristretto

(ital. limited, restricted).
This is a very concentrated, extra strong espresso, using very little water.

latte macchiato

Latte macchiato

One of the most popular Coffee Drink Recipesis served in a tall glass the espresso is also an ingredient in this drink which consists of three layers.
The bottom layer is hot milk (two-thirds), a top layer of frothed milk (one-third) and an espresso poured through the milk froth.
As the fat in the milk has a higher density than espresso, the coffee floats on the milk.


Caffe Americano

An espresso mixed with the same or double amount of hot water. The general opinion is that this method replaces the filtered coffee.

cafe freddo

Caffe freddo

(ital. for cold)
Strongly sweetened, with ice-cold water and stretched espresso, usually served only in the summer months in Italian bars.



(from the Spanish cortar, meaning cut or clipped)
In this Spanish version you drink espresso clipped with very little warm milk, added to reduce the acidity.
It is normally served in 2 ounce (60 ml) glasses with frothed milk.
There are, however, numerous local variations, where smaller cups and evaporated milk is used.
This form is very popular in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.



(from Spanish coraje, meaning courage)
Traditionally this coffee was drunk by laborers with anisette before going to work.
The Carajillo is served in a glass mixed, depending on the region and taste, with alcohol such as brandy, rum, Orujo, whiskey or anise.

cafe con hielo

Cafe con hielo

This is also a spanish variety meaning” with ice”.
The coffee is served hot in a cup or glass along with a tall glass of ice cubes.
The espresso is sweetened according to taste and then poured into the glass of ice.

espresso bombon


Another spanish speciality. This coffee drink speciality is served hot in a small glass.
In place of milk as in the Cartado, it is filled up slowly with the Spanish, very sweet condensed milk. This creates a layer of sweet condensed milk on a layer of bitter coffee, hence the name bombon (chocolate).

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