How to Make Coffee with the Walküre

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How Does The Walküre Coffee Dripper Work?

The Walküre is a ceramic coffee dripper that is unlike any other within its class of immersion brewing. It’s made in Germany and has a very odd filtration system that doesn’t use a paper filter at all. You can expect more fines in you final brew than with other pourover methods.

The genius design of the Walküre coffee brewer gives you a high-quality full flavored brew that is very similar to a immersion brew. In actuality, the grind is more like the kind that is used for the Kalita Wave. This uses a medium to a coarse-medium grind which will be just large enough to not go through the filters, but that’s not how it keeps most of the sediment from getting into your finished brew.

Amazing Walküre Filter Secrets

Man dropping water in Walküre

Leave it to the German scientists who designed this incredible coffee dripper. While most immersion brewing methods will allow you to pour directly onto coffee grounds, the Walküre uses an indirect method that reduces movement from your grounds. It might surprise you to know the finished grounds come out of the brewing vessel much like a dry coffee puck you see in standard espresso machines or the Areopress.

Since the upper section where you pour the water has a series of 6 holes within the dispersion lid. The holes are placed along the sides of the lower lid which sits inside the brewing chamber. This helps to distribute the water as it flows into the coffee grounds without swirling it everywhere as you see with other pour-over systems. It’s more like the path of least resistance to allow the coffee itself to act as a filter more than anything.

This is where you’ll find the blooming process is forming your grounds into a very effective filter and locks in minute sediment as it drains the brewed coffee. Sure, it sounds like it’s reaching for reality, but the science behind this filtration system is why the Walküre is worth your hard-earned money; plus it looks pretty darn cool.

Brewing Coffee With The Walküre

Man Brewing Coffee with Walküre

There are only two things to remember when brewing with the Walküre coffee dripper. This is the type of coffee grind and the water temperature. Aside from that, you won’t be a joke if you’ll follow these basic pouring rules that make this the easiest cup of top-shelf coffee you’ve ever tasted. Just having such a regal-looking coffee maker like this is proof enough that you might just win some awards for being a true coffee crafting genius.

Walküre coffee Brewing method

Walküre Brewing

Starting with a water temperature of 205°F. Since its made from porcelain, this retains the heat effectively and ensures the coffee is brewed through and through. Make sure you’ve selected the right medium grind before you start though.
Brew Time 4 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine european
Calories 1 kcal


  • Walküre
  • Kettle
  • Kitchen Scale (Optional)
  • Instant Read Thermometer (optional)


  • 21 Grams Medium Ground Coffee or 4 tsp
  • 360 Grams Water or 12 oz


  • Heat kettle till beginning to boil; remove from heat.
  • Warm up the device by pouring water onto the dispersion plate; discard water. Add grounds brewing chamber, shake the device to level the coffee bed; replace dispersion plate.
  • Bloom: As a rule, you want to add about 10% (or 40 grams to be exact) of the total water you’ll use, to start the bloom. Pour water in the center of the disruption plate. The pour should be quicker than a usually bloom pour, about 10 seconds in total. Wait till bloom completes, about 30 seconds. As the water flows over this surface it drains evenly into the holes and reduces the coffee grounds from being stirred up as you pour. Duration: 0:40
  • Pour the remainder of your water, which is 320 grams. Once you reach your set amount of water that is poured (using a digital scale to keep track of your water), you wait to allow the chamber to fully drain. This will take as little as 3 minutes. The pouring process should be fairly continuous for about 1.5 minutes. You'll likely need to pause briefly once or twice to allow the water to drain. Duration 3:00
  • The top of the brewing chamber is removed and placed onto a coffee saucer. The carafe is what you’ll grab next to fill your coffee cups after this; be careful, it's hot. Now you can enjoy a very bright cup of coffee without oils filtered out that is very smooth in return. It’s the best of both worlds which make everyday coffee much more pleasing to drink.
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