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Hario V60 Without a Gooseneck Kettle

Use this brewing method if you don't have a gooseneck kettle.
Brewing Time 3 mins
Total Time 3 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • Hario V60
  • Scale (optional)
  • Instant Read Thermometer (optional)


  • 26.5 Grams Medium Fine Ground Coffee or 1/4th Cup
  • 400 Grams Water or 13.5 oz


  • Bring water to a boil in a traditional kettle.
  • Add filter to your Hario V60 and rinse with hot water. Pour out the water from the V60. Add coffee grounds to filter and shake gently to settle the grounds to an even level.
  • Bloom: Saturate all grounds evenly by slowly and gently pouring about 60 grams of water in a large circular pattern over the entire coffee bed. Be careful not to hit off onto the edge of the device. Duration: 30 sec
  • Pour the remaining water. Start in the center by making small circles and gradually enlarge the circle as you work your way to the outer edge of the coffee bed; then work your way back to the center in continuous circular pattern. Continue this process until all the water is gone or till your scale reads 400 grams. Duration: 1 min
  • Allow all the water and coffee to drain. Duration: 1 min 30 sec


This pouring method differs from the gooseneck method above by shortening the brew time and accounting for the harsher pour from a standard kettle. 
If you get it right the filter should have an even layer of grounds leading all the way up the filter and your cup shouldn't taste over-extracted.
The key is keeping your active pour time under 2 minutes, while evenly pushing grounds out from the center to the edges of the filter as subtly as possible. The most challenging part of brewing with a V60 without a gooseneck kettle, is pouring water evenly over the bed without destroying the coffee bed, and not pouring to the edge of the device.
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